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Funding Proposed for Dublin Road

For many years and especially since the opening of the new M6 the Dublin Road from the junction at The Forge to the Cemetery has deteriorated badly. It is potholed, subject to severe flooding, is badly lit and the footpath close to the town is in very poor condition.

Hopefully this will all change over the coming months.

Following discussions, I have had with the County Council Roads Department, this stretch of road has been proposed for complete reconstruction to the Department of Transport. The work could cost approximately €300.000 but would completely change the most important entrance to the town.

In addition, the improvements would greatly improve the connection to the town from the Abbeyglen Estate, the other houses on the Dublin Road and Maryfield Nursing Home.

I am very hopeful of a successful outcome for this much needed scheme.

Upper Dunkellin River Maintenance to begin

Following the very successful work done on the River Clarin last year I have been involved with a proposed scheme of similar works on the Dunkellin River — east of Craughwell.

I hope work on removal of fallen trees and other blockages will start in the short term and help prevent the widespread flooding that occurs in the general Kiltullagh area on an all too regular basis.

I would like to pay tribute to the landowners in the area whose agreement in needed for work to progress.

Pothole Repairs Delay Unacceptable

I’m very disappointed with the slow response to pothole repairs, which has occurred over the summer. I have passed my concerns on to the Roads Department of Galway Co. Co. and I expect an improvement over the coming weeks. The problems in the general area are severe at the moment and the response must improve before the winter months when the pothole problems are always at their worst.

Improved Water Quality in Mid-Galway Scheme.

There has been a marked improvement recently in water quality in many of the rural areas around Athenry, Monivea and Kiltullagh. This is due to a major upgrade of the water treatment plant in Abbeyknockmoy. There is now a full series of water treatment in operation at the plant for the first time, ensuring top quality water for the thousands of houses in the area.

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Written by Peter Feeney

Published here 21 Apr 2024 and originally published September / October 2011

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