Days at Carnaun School

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Of the times that have gone past,

All the memories I still hold,

And of people I remember,

Then so young and now quite old.


Walking out to meet the morning,

Past Scott’s wood and mystery found.

Meeting up with all the school friends,

To Carnaun school where we were bound.


I well remember Michael Moylan,

And the things he made us do.

Butterflies he made us capture,

And to Carnaun they went too.


And later on with Tim being no one’s fool,

Mike Moylan thought he’d break a rule.

White butterflies were soon all fluttering,

All set free in Carnaun School.

Carnaun where we did our learning,

The Master Tim O’Regan at the helm.

Babs was there to charter the course,

Life was always good at Carnaun school.


Babs is one I often think of,

Us hurrying in all wet and cold.

She had us soon all well huddled,

Around the fire at Carnaun school.


Whether it was sewing, knitting or darning,

Babs O’Regan was the only one.

These are things I well remember,

Of the times I had down in Carnaun.

– –

About this record

Written by Eileen Holian nee Higgins

Published here 05 Feb 2021

Page 125 of the The Carnaun Centenary Book archive.

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