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What is Literacy?

Literacy involves the integration of listening, speaking, reading, writing and numeracy. It also includes aspects of personal development – social, economic, emotional – and it is concerned with improving self-esteem and building.

In the 1997 International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS), 25% of the Irish population were found to be at the lowest level of literacy. The survey found that 500,000 Irish adults had difficulties with simple literacy tasks like:

” reading the dosage on a medicine bottle;

” understanding a bus timetable;

” writing a job application; or

” carrying out simple mathematical calculations.

Causes and effects of low literacy levels.

Low literacy levels can result from many factors including:

– educational – large classes, poor schooling

– physical or psychological – poor hearing or vision, specific learning difficulties;

– social and economic – poverty, poor housing, no money for materials;

~ family – large size, no habit of reading.

The adult literacy service is organised and delivered through the VEC Adult Literacy Schemes throughout the country. Here in East Galway we provide a number of services but the two major areas are;

1. Classes in Reading, Writing Spelling and Maths

Classes are available both day time and evening and are of 1-2 hour duration. All classes are confidential and designed to meet the needs of the learner. Classes are available in 1:1 or small group sessions. Classes are provided by trained volunteer. Learners learn at their own pace and choose what they would like to learn.

Profile of learners – Typically 80% males 20% Female, Age group 30-60 ages.

2. Family Learning programme.

The above classes are free!

Family Learning Programmes recognise that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. This programme encourages and supports you in your role as your child’s first teacher. Family Learning Programmes recognise that there are all kinds of opportunities for learning in the home. This programme explores activities that can help your child make the most of home learning. Family Learning Programmes also recognise that parents are busy People who often find it hard to get time for themselves. This Programme will provide a little time for you to talk about your own interests in learning and, if you like, take advantage of adult learning opportunities both during and after the programme. The programme is about building skills and confidence, sharing ideas and having fun.

If you are interested in the above and would like to become a voluntary tutor please contact Sheila Holland-Fox at (091) 847850 or 087 6675515 or e-mail: loughrealiteracy@eircom.net

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