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We are lucky enough to live in the age of the Celtic Tiger Economy and it is very heartening to see that the good times have not bypassed us here in Athenry parish.

We see great changes in the business sector, new developments all over town, enlightened renovations to many old buildings and businesses. There are superb new Lounge Bar facilities to cater for many people. There is, indeed, a great sense of confidence in the parish and we must all help to retain that confidence by supporting one another.

Athenry town is a very unique town with King John’s Castle, the Abbey, the Medieval Walls and many more ancient and historical buildings. The great character of the town itself is something we must preserve at all costs. We must be vigilant and not allow developments that are out of character with the environment. We have many housing estates both big and small being built in and around the town. Planning permission for these houses is applied for after many hours of work, drawing up the plans, the layout of the estate itself and the visual impact the estate will have on the area. I wonder sometimes though is the same amount of thought and work put into the names given to the estates.

Surely, the name of the estate should reflect either something of the area where it is built, the type of land it is built on or maybe indeed the townland itself should be used. I think the Árd Aoibhinn residents got it absolutely right. The estate is built on an elevated site and the residents used their imagination when naming this estate.

There are many great things happening in Athenry now and the Athenry Journal wishes to reflect all of these changes by publicising all that is relevant and of interest to the residents. We are looking for people to help in finding stories for future editions of the Journal so if you think you have something to contribute, please contact any member of the editorial team

Nollaig faoi shéan ‘s faoi mhaise dibh go léir.

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Written by Conrad Byrnes

Published here 15 Feb 2023

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