Editorial – Easter 1998

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Galway Co. Council is currently preparing plans for Athenry It is envisaged that the Athenry area will have a population of between ten to fifteen thousand within the next ten years. Planning officials have already been visiting the town. This means of course that Athenry will become a dormitory town of Galway the same way as Tallaght is to Dublin or Douglas is to Cork.

There will be big changes in our environment in the very near future, the type of changes and how they come about can and should depend on ourselves. We will not stop these changes, so, we should help fashion them.

Athenry is a medieval town with much of its walls intact. Developments should reflect these facts. Architects and builders are always looking for ways to enhance their developments. We in Athenry now have an opportunity of showing Ireland and indeed the world, how modern facilities and buildings can coexist in a pleasant and pleasing way with our historical past.

I’m sure that the Planning Department of Galway Co. Council would like to see local input into how these changes come about. We, as a community should set up a Task Force comprised of interested people from different organisations to meet with and decide in conjunction with Galway Co. Council how these developments take place. After all is it not ourselves who will have to live with them?

You will note that the Athenry Journal is now inviting people to advertise in our magazine. Further details can be got by contacting us c/o A.D.C. Office, Athenry. We will have in place a mail order service whereby you can send copies to friends and relations all over the world. Further details are available elsewhere in the magazine.

I would like to thank our retailers who like our distribution and editorial committees give of their services without charge. Also, the many people who have put pen to paper to enliven and enrich our Journal. We regret that due to insufficient space we were unable to use all of the articles, but we promise we will publish them in the next edition.

To Liz Martin, Padraic Judge, Rose Mulkerrins, Ann Butler, Kieran Hickland and all in the Athenry Development Company who have worked tirelessly compiling the Athenry Journal our sincere thanks.

Finally, a special word of thanks to Finbarr O’Regan who pioneered the first seven issues. Finbarr has decided to step aside and take a well-earned rest. We wish him well.

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About this record

Written by Conrad Byrnes

Published here 20 Mar 2023 and originally published Easter 1998

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