Editorial – Summer 1998

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Athenry never had it so good, every side you look there are new houses being built, every available piece of land is snapped up for development. The price of houses and land has risen to extraordinary levels with no end in sight. There are quite a number of businesses in Athenry changing hands. It is great to see local sporting clubs buying their own playing facilities and planning for the future. There is a great buzz around the lonely fields and long may it continue.

The Athenry Medieval Festival Committee is working hard getting ready for its pageant, finalising the script, making the props and all other aspects of the festival. We wish them well. We had many people visiting us for the Celtic Festival from all over the world. Foreign students are staying in our homes while here attending summer school.

We have many hurling matches taking place in Kenny Park this summer and we look forward to more of the same in the autumn. These games will no doubt bring many more people into our town, I sometimes wonder how many more visitors would come if we had our own swimming pool in the town for example, or indeed a cinema and there are many more modern facilities that would make our town more attractive to the visitor.

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About this record

Written by Conrad Byrnes

Published here 01 Mar 2023 and originally published Summer 1998

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