Editor’s Note – April 1996

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Developing the parish and area of Athenry

This is an exciting time for Athenry – a time of self-help, a time of working together, a time of teamwork, all focusing in the one direction for the benefit of ourselves, our children and our neighbours. Having a Development Manager or Officer is a wonderful idea. This has worked well in other areas. A full-time person can make things happen during the day – has the phone manned during office hours and can meet people when voluntary people are at work. State Agencies relate better to a Development Company than to Voluntary Organisations.

If you or your group have an idea then a manager can help you draw up your plans, put you in the way of specialised advice, help with a feasibility study and if your idea (project) is viable will help to get the maximum of funding for you. Time will be saved, “red tape” will be at a minimum and the frustration of “funding rejection” will be avoided.

In reality you can concentrate on what you do best while the Manager will act in a professional capacity for you.

Martin Burke who typesets this Journal and who has recently started his own company “Image Creation Bureau” says that it is virtually impossible for a lay person to seek the proper advice and source funding. He found himself going from “Billy to Jack” when he could be concentrating on getting new customers and producing work.

As the Development Brochure states— “The impact which a full-time Development Manager can make, in supporting local voluntary effort, is enormous”. The results achieved by this approach in other parts of the country are impressive. If we are to realise the true potential of this approach we need to work on it and pay for it ourselves.

Brian Mooney, Chairman, I.R.D. Kiltimagh Ltd., says in his letter to the Kiltimagh people, reproduced in this edition, “… the equivalent of two lottery tickets per week”. Surely this is a small price to pay and a good investment which will improve the quality of life for everyone living in our district. He says your money will make the difference, will help create new jobs and will mean a future for your children.

Our way forward is with a parish development company. This is our chance – we must grasp it.

If we don’t, we will be left behind.

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About this record

Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 02 Nov 2022 and originally published 1996

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