Editor’s note – Christmas 2000

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Dear readers, in this year’s Journal we have tried to mix the old and the new. As always the Journal contains articles, updates and photographs, and some striking pictures of the Medieval Wall, King John’s Castle and the Arch, taken by Joe Keating.

As with the growth of Athenry comes changes, some good, some maybe not so good. One of the main future changes for Athenry will be the completion of a motorway from Galway to Dublin, which I would see as badly needed, given the gridlock in practically every part of Ireland now.

No matter which route is chosen, it will be a sad story for some landowners, or indeed, homeowners. Hopefully, everyone concerned will be dealt with as sympathetically as possible and well compensated. It is important too that all side roads would share proper access over, or under, the new motorway. It is important that we the people of Athenry show solidarity with the landowners who are affected and give them as much support as possible.

Once again as Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the Journal in any way. We hope the articles, stories, poems, updates on clubs, and photos etc. will make this an interesting read for local people and indeed for our loved ones abroad.

Apologies to those whose articles may not have been included due to space restrictions, or articles not in on time. A special word of thanks to Athenry ADC in particular to the new development manager Pat Foley, and his office staff Lynne Cunniffe and Barbara Gibbons, without their help the Journal would not happen.

Thanks also must be given to Deirdre Moran, and some of the staff from the Community Employment Scheme. Finally, I would like to thank our advertisers and retailers who sell our Journal ex-gratia and especially you, our readers, I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

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About this record

Written by Conrad Byrnes

Published here 10 May 2023 and originally published Christmas 2000

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