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Following the tragic events in the USA, 2001 will be a year never to be forgotten. This has led to a war in Afghanistan and has heightened fear and diminished trust right across the world. We earnestly hope that these events will not tip the world’s economy into a prolonged recession.

Now, more than ever, the world’s community urgently needs signs of rebuilding of hope and trust. This process must begin at individual and community levels and this Christmas provides an ideal opportunity to foster growth in hope, trust, and love. We all need the support of family and friends and we must realise that “no individual is an island”

2001 has seen the continued development of Athenry’s infrastructure through the installation of the new water supply. Given the rise in the town’s population we must ask if the sewerage facilities also need to be extended and upgraded. The building boom may be slowing down nationally but in Athenry it continues apace with new housing estates been developed. Of course, all of this development should not blind us to the fact that we need to keep in contact with neighbours and friends and we should be actively involved in nourishing community solidarity for our own sake and especially for our children.

On the sports fields, Galway footballers had a wonderful victory but at county and parish levels hurling dreams were dashed despite valiant efforts from both teams. However, there was good news on the soccer front with Athenry been crowned Division one winners 2000-2001

Waste Management is very much in the news and it is recommended to everybody to read Christy Coffey’s excellent article: “Waste, Minimisation and Recycling”

Our thanks to all our contributors for their varied articles, photographs, poems etc which we hope you will enjoy reading. A very special word of thanks to Pat Foley, Project Manager A.D.C for his assistance and guidance and also to Barbara Gibbons and Helen McDonagh for their office support. Also, to Gerry Ahern for his hardworking efforts behind the scenes, without his help we would not have produced this year’s journal.

Every blessing and good wish to you all for Christmas and the new year.

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About this record

Written by Conrad Byrnes

Published here 23 May 2023 and originally published Christmas 2001

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