Editor’s Note May 1997

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The Athenry Journal is published as a service to our Parish and its theme is Community Awareness and Development. The views and opinions expressed in the articles are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of the Editorial Board.

The Athenry Journal is a project under the umbrella of Enterprising Athenry ADC Ltd. Any profit from it is being re-invested in its production so that eventually it may create employment in our Community. As a first step a computer capable of running Quark Express Desktop Publishing was bought so that the skills of typesetting and page making can now be taught to interested volunteers who have a knowledge of computers.

Production Team: Co-ordinator: Finbarr O’Regan, Swangate, Athenry. Typesetting and Photo Scanning: Michael O’Regan, Swangate Athenry. Proof reading: Haden Moore. Typing: Stephanie O’Regan.

Thanks to Martin Burke, Cahertymore and Michael Browne, Sheeaun Park for their advise and expertise.

Distributors: Kathleen Brody, Conrad Byrnes, Helena Fahy, Donal Jennings, Gerty Kilcommins, Rosaleen Madden and Kathleen Bane.

Photographs: Thanks to those who gave us photos and to those who went out specially and took photos. Copies of same may be had on request.

Thanks to all the retailers who sell The Athenry Journal. Some earlier editions are available.

Copyright: © Finbarr O’Regan (Enterprising Athenry ADC. Ltd.)

Printed by: Standard Printers.

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About this record

Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 18 Jan 2023 and originally published May 1997

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