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This Journal was initiated from a plea from the people of the parish for knowledge of what was happening and to help with communication between the voluntary organisations. So far the response has been good yet people have, with a few exceptions, waited to be personally invited, cajoled or coerced to contribute articles and letters or to give their opinion on the various matters concerning the development of our parish. It is up to the people and the voluntary organisations themselves to let us know what format to use, how often to publish and also to include articles of their choice so that they can get their message across in the best possible manner. If they don’t see their way to using it, it may not last.

We also welcome the opportunity through some of the articles in this issue to pay tribute to a minority of enthusiastic and committed people in the area who give of their time and energy unselfishly to the youth of the parish. They can be seen week in week out helping the children in games which include hurling, football, soccer, rugby, athletics, tennis, scouting, pony club, foróige and chess. We thank these people publicly for their time, patience and commitment and would encourage parents to go along and see what is being done and be prepared to help out at times. Too often coaching can be seen as a baby-sitting facility or something to complain about when things seem to go wrong.

At the moment tennis and scouting are two organisations which need the help and support of the parents badly. If your child gets enjoyment out of scouting it is your duty not just to contribute to the annual collection but also to go along and ask if you can help in any other way. The scout leaders must also do their bit and insist that it be a condition of enrolment that a parent attend and make a commitment and if a good rota is established the extra work will not be left to a few. Likewise tennis.

It was a sad day for the parish this summer when a Community Games team could not play an important match in Sligo because the “committed” people were away on a well-deserved break.

We would like to thank the schools and individuals who contributed to the Parish Social and Environmental Studies Programme. Some of these items are included in this issue. More are needed. If you have any ideas let us know.

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Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 31 Oct 2022 and originally published 1995

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