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“Another Winning Team”

Much work has been in progress throughout the Summer in establishing Athenry Development Company and recruiting membership from the general public. The company is now firmly in place and what was ‘The Steering Group’ has now together with its membership become ‘Enterprising Athenry Area Development Company Ltd.’.

Membership from the business community is now in progress and it is envisaged that this campaign will be as successful as was the general public campaign.

A manager was advertised for in September in the national and local newspapers and short listing and interviewing took place after the closing date for applications. The appointment of a manager is seen as vital as he/she will be responsible for getting projects off the ground through facilitating individuals or groups with ideas, sourcing funding and turning the ideas into viable projects.

Project Teams

Project Teams of two or three people are now being recruited under the headings of:

Agriculture and Farming, Social and Pastoral, Sport and Recreation, Education, Tourism and Heritage, Business, Enterprise, Employment, and Infrastructure / Environment.

Some projects in hand are:

Rural Development: Forestry development, Restocking of river, Tourism development and Language and Hurling schools (Newcastle area).

Tourism: Town and parish walking trails. River development ,

Twinning of Athenry with European town.

Pastoral and Social Care: This project team has been in place for some time and have carried out a parish survey of the social needs of the parish. A community development plan to provide facilities and services for the marginalised is their objective. A key part of this plan will be the provision of a resource centre and associated services.

Businessl Enterprise: Project teams are in place with objectives of setting up of satellite industries and for the establishment of quality low cost housing for young couples in rural areas.

The Athenry Journal’ is a major project headed up by Finbarr O’Regan which has been very successful from its inception in 1995, but to continue its success it needs a n consistent inflow of material from – around the parish.

Infrastructure / Environment  / Employment: A FÁS scheme sponsored by Athenry A.D.C. started in August and is employing 24 people who until the start date had been in receipt of Unemployment Benefit or Unemployment Assistance. The Co-Ordinators of the scheme are Christy Coffey and Tom Cloonan and they are working in close liaison with the voluntary organisations who have submitted projects i.e. Athenry Tidy Towns Committee, Lady’s Well Committee, Clarin Crescent Residents Association, Athenry Community Council, St.Mary’s G.A.A. Club, Athenry, Soccer Club, Athenry Heritage Committee, Fishing Club, Caheroyan Avenue residents Association.

Adjoining Parishes:

Members of the company have been busy spreading this development concept, through meetings with representatives in surrounding parishes and discussing and explaining the benefits of becoming members of Athenry A.D.C. for the overall good of the area.


State and semi-state agencies have been briefed and kept updated on our progress and we are now in a position to put definite proposals to Galway Rural Development Co. (administers of Leader 2 and ADM programmes), FÁS and the County Enterprise Board for help and funding.

Projects a priority:

Enterprising Athenry A.D.C.is anxious to get ideas in, and project teams formed from individuals or voluntary organisations. When the manager takes up office in January it is important that project teams are in place and ready to benefit from his expertise. This is an ideal opportunity for anybody with an idea, however big or small, to bring it forward and turn it into a reality.

Contact with members.

When the membership , which is now near completion, is over each member will be written to and given a progress report on the company to date and all will be encouraged to take as active a part as possible in its endeavours.

Hats off to the past, sleeves up to the future!

Martin O’Grady P.R.O

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About this record

Written by Martin O'Grady

Published here 10 Jan 2023 and originally published December 1996

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