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Feature photo: Of the first 5 boys on the Carnaun School Register Book register with ages of 9 and 10 none of them had been in school before other than Matthias Cusack who had been to school in Athenry.

Martin Duffy’s family lived in Old Church St., Athenry and later were given ownership of land in Moanbaun when the land was divided among the tenants!

Pat Cahalan’s father was a herd (herdsman) for the Lambert family of Castle Ellen House.

John Scott’s father was a gamekeeper for the Lamberts of Castle Ellen and the wood on Rabbitt’s farm in Carnaun was called Scotswood!

Henry Boyd’s father was a gardener in Castle Ellen house!

James Lindsay’s family came from Woodlawn to Castle Lambert as a herd!

By now the directive, from the Department of Education was that the date of birth of each pupil was entered rather than the year they were born! And, see below, the admonishment by the visiting official on the date column!

First girls registered

Lizzie Wilson’s family came to Castle Ellen house from Wexford

Annie  McManus’ father was a herd for the Meldon family, Coolarne

Monica Jordan’s father, Stephan Jordan, was a shoemaker in Davis Street, Athenry, a 1916 Volunteer and later a TD (Teachta Dála) in the new Irish Government!


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About this record

Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 05 Feb 2021 and originally published 1991

Page 293 of the The Carnaun Centenary Book archive.

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