Foras Áiseanna Saothair (FÁS) – Dec 1997

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Enterprising Athenry is sponsoring a Community Employment Scheme, it is now in its second year. This year there are 18 participants.

The primary objective of the scheme is the environmental enhancement of Athenry town and its environs. The work and training involve a wide range of skills including Computer Skills, Office Skills, Compiling a Local Business Directory, Compiling a file on Organic Farming / Gardening, Building New Stone Walls, Repairing 0ld Stone Walls, Pointing Walls, Landscaping, Painting, Path Making, Tiling, Woodwork, etc.

From the above you can see that the participants get an opportunity to practice many skills and this is further encouraged by FÁS who provide the financial resources for the participants to take up training / educational courses which will develop new skills, enhance existing ones and guide them to become actively involved in their own development.

It is hoped that through this personal development program, that the participants in the future will be able to take up regular employment or become self-employed.

Meanwhile Athenry Community can benefit from the many valuable projects carried out by those workers. Such as the new park at Lady’s Well.

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About this record

Written by Tony Coffey

Published here 16 Feb 2023 and originally published December 1997

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