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The Publication of this book marks the 100th Anniversary of Carnaun National School. The deed was signed by W.P. Lambert, landlord and Mary Rabbitt, tenant, on 19-9-1891, and the work of building began immediately.

While this book is not in itself a history of the school, I believe that it will be an invaluable record of some of the school history of this area. It may, I hope, be the inspiration to somebody somewhere to research and chronicle the facts in a more scholarly way.

It may open peoples eyes to the precious physical environment which they have inherited—the fine farming land with its natural stonewall boundaries, the beautiful woodlands abounding with wild life and plants, the “Escir Riada” to the South and the “Mountain” to the North West, as well as the monuments of the past—the prehistoric and historic—~the ringforts, castles, graveyards and buildings which with the history of the people and their economic and social life and customs, all form part of our heritage and need to be preserved from the ravages and neglect of the 20th Century “civilisation”.

This book would not have been written without the help of many: the authors, both adult and children, the people of the Carnaun area who gave their knowledge, help and advice willingly, the National Archives and the Galway County Library, and of coursethe sponsors without whose financial contributions the work would not materialise. A special thanks to Martin and Rita Burke for their invaluable advice and encouragement.

Guidhimís ar son ne ndaltaí, a dtuismitheoirí agus na noidí a mhuin sa scoil seo, go mór mhór iad sinn atá imithe as slí na bhfirean. Guidhimis rath Dé ar ‘chuile dhuine atá páirteach in obair na scoile.

Gura fada buan sibh!

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About this record

Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 13 Sep 2022 and originally published 1991

Page 001 of the The Carnaun Centenary Book archive.

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