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He did it!

Small Hunter winner and Reserve Champion Dublin Horse Show 2019!

There are no words to really describe what I’m feeling right now . I am proud beyond belief and I can’t thank everyone enough for the massive cheers we got on Wednesday in what was a dream come true once again to get the red rosette in Dublin .

I believed 100% Georgie could do it again after coming home from UK and 7 years later he repeats a foot perfect display. He is the horse of a lifetime and he now can happily retire from Dublin to the hunting field.

I think everyone loves this horse as he has the heart of a lion. He has taught me so much over the years and has gained me the best of friends and I will forever be in debt to him for that.

Thank to you everyone who messaged and I spoke to over the past few days. Thank you, Louise, for being top groom on the day and especially my amazing Dad who has been helping me from day 1 and making it possible at home.

The celebrations will continue for a while no doubt.

10th August 2019

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Written by Marilyn Bane

Published here 10 Aug 2021 and originally published 10 August 2019

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