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The people of the Greethill and Cloran area are honoured to have Joe Healy, President of Macra, living in their area – rumour has it that Joe’s new presidential Macra limo will not be able to travel the Greethill road unless it’s widened. He has no trouble in finding suitable drivers; indeed, his lovely lady chauffeur would enhance any vehicle.

The farmers of the area were relieved to see the fine hay-making weather – there was hardly a bale left between Joe’s Macra win and Michael Kelly’s wedding to the lovely Ita Kennedy. The bonfires consumed a lot of hay.

Friday June 30th saw a celebration of 35 years of marriage for Paddy and Bridie Healy – Joe’s parents. It was a surprise party so no bonfires. Their daughter Maura (Fahy) had an awful job convincing Paddy to come out for a drink – he was still farming at 10.30! There was a fine gathering at the party – all the relations, friends and neighbours – Paddy and Bridie were speechless when they saw them all – everyone agreed it was the first time Paddy was ever speechless and it didn’t last long!

Coillte are selling some of the Toberoe forest- sad to see the empty spot on the skyline where the lovely trees once stood. Many of the grandfathers of the area would have helped to plant the “great forest”.

Mellows College is “down to earth” again after the great Rural Open Day – the marquees on the skyline were like old times in Derrydonnell, Turloughmore and Athenry, but without the great Big Tom or Larry Cunningham – perhaps the new interest in line dancing will revive the old marquees?

The October stations are the next village get-together – they are in Kearys this time – I’m sure they’ll miss poor Andy R.l.P. – he was a great man for attending the stations himself. I heard Fr. King promised Anne a week off the night of Kelly’s stations so she could get ready for her own! Such a change since the time of Lena Henegan and Annie Finn R.I.P., the big meal and silver teapot and a boiled egg for the priest – it’s nice all the same to see they haven’t died out.

More news next time.

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About this record

Written by Auntie Kate

Published here 09 Feb 2021 and originally published August 1995

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