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The Primary Valuation was the first full-scale valuation of property in Ireland. It is one of the most important surviving 19th century genealogical sources.

It was a survey of property occupiers in Ireland made between 1848 and 1864 and it’s importance lies in the fact that it lists almost every head of household for each county.

This valuation records every landowner and householder in Ireland in a period shortly after the famine.

An Act was passed in 1826 that allowed for a uniform valuation of property in all Ireland in order to levy the county cess charges and grand Jury Rates. Thus began an assessment of the whole country, county by county by the Commissioner of Valuation, a Dublin geologist,  Sir Richard Griffith.
Amendments were passed to the 1826 Act, the first in 1831 excluded those houses under the annual valuation of £3, another in 1836 excluded houses under £5

The information given in the Griffiths is the following:
The townland address and householders name; the name of the person from whom the property is leased; a description of the property; the acreage and the valuation.

The following is a list of the property owners in Griffiths Valuation of Ireland – Athenry, County Galway:

Badger Michael – Chapel St
Bane John – Coolaran
Barret Bridget – North Gate St.
Barret Joseph – Cullairbaun
Barret Joseph – Prospect
Barret Bridget – North Gate St
Barret James – Cross St.
Barret James – Kingsland South
Barret Joseph – Bridge St.
Barret Joseph – Kingsland South
Belton Michael – Chapel St.
Bisgood Edmund – Barnaboy
Blackhall Charles – Burke’s Lane
Blackhall Charles – Cross St.
Blackhall Thomas – Ballybackagh
Blackhall Thomas – Cossaun
Blake James – Cross St.
Blake John H. – Caraunduff
Blake John H. – Knocknacreeva
Blake Peter – Montpellier
Blake Peter – Skeaghadderreen
Bodkin Robert – Shantallow
Bourke Jeremiah – Clamperpark
Bourke Jeremiah – Mountain South
Bourke John – Ballydavid Middle
Bourke John – Clamperpark
Bourke John – Mc Donald’s Lane
Bourke John – North Gate St.
Bourke John – Turloughalanger
Bourke Mary – Chapel St.
Bourke Mary – Prospect
Bourke Michael – Mc Donald’s Lane
Bourke Patrick – Carrowntober East
Bourke Patrick – Clamperpark
Bourke Patrick – Mountain South
Bourke Peter – Chapel Lane
Bourke Thomas – Chapel St
Braddish John – Chapel St
Bradish John – Athenry
Bradley James – Caherroyn
Brennan Bridget – North Gate St
Brennan James – Carrowntober East
Brennan Joseph – Chapel St.
Brennan Michael – Carrowntober East
Brennan Patrick – Ballydavid North
Brennan Patrick – Carrowntober East
Broderick John – Bottom
Broderick John – Loobroe
Broderick Martin – Chapel Lane
Broderick Peter – Chapel St.
Broderick Peter – Davis Lane
Broderick Thomas – Gloves Middle
Brown Andrew – Moyveela
Browne Andrew – Moyveela
Browne Bartholomew – Chapel St
Browne John – Turloughalanger
Burke Edmund Barrettspark – Barrettspark
Burke Edmund – Cashla
Burke Edmund – Moor
Burke John – North Gate St.
Burke Mark – Foorkill,Coldwood
Burke Thomas – Cross St.
Burke Ulick – Cloonavadoge
Cahalan Edward – Carrowntober East
Cahill Anne – Foorkill,Coldwood
Cahill John – Foorkill,Coldwood
Cahill Mary – North Gate St
Cahill Patrick – North Gate St.
Callan Timothhy – Pollacappul
Callanan Thomas – Carrowntober West
Callinan Catherine – North Gate St
Calmount Mary – Cross St
Cannon Patrick – Bridge St.
Cannon Patrick – Chapel St.
Carey John – Ballygarraun South
Carey John – Ballygarraun West
Carey John – Cloran
Carey Thomas – Ballygarraun West
Carthrew Alexander – Castleturvin
Carthy Ross – Castleturvin
Casserly Patrick – Mira
Casserly Thomas – Mira
Clancy John – Blean
Clarke James – Ballydavid Middle
Clasby Martin – Deerpark
Clasby Patrick – Kingsland South
Clasby Thomas – Ballygarraun South
Clasby Thomas – Kingsland South
Cloonan John – Carrowntober West
Cloonan William – Foorkill,Coldwood
Cody John – Cloonavadoge
Coheen John – Court Lane
Cohen Catherine – Caherroyn
Cohen Denis – Cross St.
Cohen John – Caherroyn
Cohen John – Pollacappul
Coleman John – Cross St.
Colles Maurice – Pollnagroagh
Collins Martin – Ballybrone
Collins Michael – Ballygarraun South
Collins Michael – Chapel St.
Collins Thomas – Ballybrone
Colter Michael – Ballydavid Middle
Commons Thomas – Foorkill,Coldwood
Concar Johanna – Cloonavadoge
Connolly John – Park
Connolly Martin – Chapel St.
Connolly Mary – Carrowntober East
Connolly Mary – Chapel St.
Connolly Patrick – Bridge St.
Connolly Patrick – Shantallow
Connolly Timothy – Derrydonnell North
Connor James – Rahard
Connor John – Ballydavid North
Connor Martin – Chapel Lane
Connor Michael – Carrowntober East
Cooney John – Cross St.
Cooney Thomas – Chapel Lane
Coppinger James – Park
Coppinger Thomas – Blean
Coppinger Thos., Sr. – Pollnagroagh
Corbett Denis – Loughaunenaghan
Corbishly Johnathan – Rathmorrissy
Cormickan Patrick – Turloughalanger
Cormicken Michael – Cross St.
Cornealy Timothy – Farranablake West
Cornealy Timothy – Furzypark
Cornealy Timothy – Mulpit
Costello Martin – Ballybrone
Costello Thomas – Ballinloughaun
Costello Thomas – Cashla
Costello Thomas – Peakroe
Costelloe Myles – Derrymaclaughna
Coyne Patrick – Park
Coyne Timothy – Park
Cronnelly Patrick – Chapel St
Crosby Honoria – Foorkill,Coldwood
Culkeen Daniel – Cross St.
Culkeen William – Barrack Lane
Cullinan Francis – North Gate St.
Cullinane Martin – Ballybrone
Cullinane Thomas – Barnaboy
Cullinane Thomas – Derrymaclaughna
Cunniff Catherine – North Gate St.
Cunniff John – Mc Donald’s Lane
Cunniff Patrick – North Gate St
Curly William – Foorkill,Coldwood
Curran Michael – Loobroe
Curran Rev. Peter – Athenry
Curran Rev. Peter – Chapel St.
Curran Rev. Peter – Gorteenacra
Cusack Honoria – Loughaunenaghan
Daly Mary – Caherroyn
Davock John – Castleturvin
Davock John – Clamperpark
Davock John – Turloughalanger
Davock Michael – Castleturvin
Davock Owen – Castleturvin
Davock Patrick – Toberconnelly
Davock Peter – Castleturvin
Delany Hugh – Chapel Lane
Deveney Patrick – Chapel St
Dillon Michael – Millpark
Dolly Timothy – Ballyglass
Donnelly Timothy – Loughaunenaghan
Donohoe Bridget – Gloves West
Donohoe John – Caherfinesker
Donohoe John – Rahard
Donohoe Patrick – North Gate St
Donohoe Patrick – Rahard
Donohoe Thomas – Ballydavid North
Dowd Thomas – Carrowntober East
Duffy John – Barnaboy
Duggan James – Cross St
Dunleavy John – Chapel St.
Dunlevy Denis – Ballygarraun North
Dunlevy Thomas – Ballygarraun North
Dunlevy Thomas – Ballygarraun South
Dynes James – Rahard
Eagle Bryan – Cloran
Egan James – Caherfinesker
Egan Joseph – Cloran
Egan Patrick – Caherfinesker
Egan Thaddeus – Cashla
Elliot Patrick – Caherfinesker
Evans Edward – Farranablake East
Evans Edward – Mountain South
Fahy Bridget – Cloonavadoge
Fahy James – Chapel St.
Fahy John – Deerpark
Fahy John – Knockbaun
Fahy John – Park
Fahy John – Tobernaveen
Fahy Michael – Foorkill,Coldwood
Fahy Patrick – Coolaran
Fahy Patrick – Loughaunenaghan
Fahy Philip – Loughaunenaghan
Fahy Theophilus – North Gate St.
Fahy Thomas – Loughaunenaghan
Fahy Thomas – Moyveela
Farrell Anne – Mountain South
Farrell Patrick – Mountain South
Flaherty Patrick – Barnaboy
Flaherty Thomas – Caherfinesker
Flannery Patrick – Clamperpark
Flannery Thomas – Mountain South
Fleming Margaret M. – Athenry
Flynn John – North Gate St.
Ford Patrick – Foorkill,Coldwood
Ford Timothy – Derrydonnell Beg
Ford Timothy – Mountain West
French Patrick – Barnaboy
French Robert – Caherfinesker
French Robert – Derrydonnell Beg
French Robert – Derrydonnell North
French Robert – Greethill
French Stephen – Caherfinesker
Freney William – Mountain West
Fury Anne – Ballinloughaun
Fyan Michael – Burke’s Lane
Fyan Thomas – McDonald’s Lane
Gallagher Patrick – Cross St
Gardiner Michael – Cossaun
Gibbons Michael – Barnaboy
Gill James – Peakroe
Gill John – Baunmore
Gilligan William – Chapel Lane
Gilmore Thomas – Chapel Lane
Givney John – Cashla
Gleese Patrick – Mc Donald’s Lane
Glynn James – Ballygarraun North
Glynn Patrick – Cross St.
GradyBridget – Carrowntober East
Grady Patrick – Carrowntober West

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