I am proud to be a member of the Civil Defence

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The Civil Defence was set up to save lives and alleviate suffering in war-time. It was also to assist at natural and man-made disasters. For a number of years the Civil Defence was best known for their wardens. For the last number of years we have got a large number of people in the Casualty and Rescue services.

Two years ago the Athenry branch was formed. There are now thirty six members. We have a Casualty team and a Rescue team. There are seven people and two subs on each team. We are all trained in First Aid. The Rescue team is trained to rescue people from damaged buildings, train crashes etc. My father, Joe, is a member of the Rescue team.

The Casualty team is trained to provide assistance to victims of crashes etc and they attend matches, rallies and shows with their ambulance. I hope to be a team member when I reach the right age. Sean Wallace, our instructor, comes from Galway and we train twice a week. It is a great training for young people. Caroline Cooley, another past pupil of Carnaun National School, is also in the Civil Defence.

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About this record

Written by Stephen Dennison

Published here 13 Sep 2022 and originally published 1991

Page 202 of the The Carnaun Centenary Book archive.

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