Jottings of my Life in Tyrone, Ireland – Appendix 1

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Christmas Pie

One turkey and one goose boned. Then fill all the empty spaces with force meat and also fill their cavities with bread crumbs flavoured with pepper, salt and chopped parsley, worked in with plenty of butter. This makes the stuffing easier to handle and keeps the filling moist.

Place the turkey first, then a beef tongue, and lastly the goose side by side in a flat container and add good beef gravy. Cover and steam in a moderately heated oven for two hours. Then line a very deep receptacle with medium short pastry, and place turkey, tongue and goose side by side in this. Fill up the spaces between with beef jelly and cover with piecrust and bake for nearly an hour or until it looks a nice brown colour.

This is made the day before Xmas, and, when cold, is placed on the sideboard in the dining room. Be sure to cut the pie lengthways so that each person gets a little tongue, turkey and goose on his or her plate, and serve with currant jelly.

Tipsy Cake

Take two pounds of sponge cake and cut it in long strips about an inch wide. Make a strong punch of brandy and sherry wine and, of course, some hot water. Dip each piece of sponge cake in the punch and place on a dish criss-cross fashion and cover each section or layer with raspberry preserve. When all the cake has been piled up, cover the whole affair with whipped cream.

Cherry Brandy

To every pint of brandy, put one pound of bitter cherries well crushed, stones and kernels included. Put all in a wide-mouthed jar and shake frequently for several days.

Devilled Fowl

Take a cold boiled or roasted turkey or chicken, disjoint it in large pieces, then scar it over and smear it thickly with Colman’s mustard and butter. Place the pieces in a broiler until it is thoroughly heated through and serve quickly while hot.

Milk Punch

Take two quarts of milk and bring it to boiling point and add six well-beaten eggs and sugar to taste. Stir well and then throw in one quart of good whiskey, or brandy if you prefer.

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About this record

Written by Elizabeth La Hiff Lambert

Published here 10 Sep 2022 and originally published 1979

Page 0108 of the Athenry History archive.

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