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Carefree Memories

Our favourite rendezvous was Quarry Park, which was a beautiful hill jutting out into the sea from the beach. The land side had been quarried out so that, when the tide came in, the park was surrounded with water, making an island of it. A lovely little park was in the centre with large clumps of trees on either side, forming what we called the Twin Woods. This secluded spot was reserved for women and children as there they could enjoy bathing without being exposed to prying masculine eyes. Grandfather had ordered white sand to be brought there by the boat-load and had it spread all over the beach. A very fine sea moss and all sorts of coloured anemones grew there, adding their lustre to an already beautiful spot. When we were growing up, it was, as I said before, our favourite rendezvous.

We had boats of every sort there, and I became quite skilful in the art of sailing and rowing, even if I do say so myself. Before dinner, when the weather was fine and warm, we spent hours there and often enjoyed afternoon tea in the shade of its trees. It certainly was a beautiful sight when the tide was high and the sun setting in all its magnificence, casting reflections across the water and silhouetting the sail boats as they passed on their way home. We did not half realize how happy we were in those carefree days when life seemed to be dedicated to pleasure and amusement of every sort. After a most enjoyable afternoon at Quarry Park, we would return in groups through the woods and reach home in time to prepare for dinner. And after dinner we would enjoy the beautiful outdoors, sitting on the front steps until late into the night.

Those of us who thought sitting on the steps rather dull would stroll off in pairs through the woods or go indoors and amuse ourselves at dancing or card-playing.

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About this record

Written by Elizabeth La Hiff Lambert

Published here 22 Aug 2022 and originally published 1979

Page 0083 of the Athenry History archive.

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