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The End – Now in California

Now here I am in California, a land of contrasts: Where snow-clad mountains raise their noble heads to the azure sky, where peaceful valleys nestle in the bosom of tree-covered hills and where ice glaciers force their ponderous way inch-by-inch towards the verdant plains. A land where the scent of orange or citrus groves is wafted through the air, where the manzanita tree rears its knotty and crooked arms as if trying to extricate itself from the barren rocky soil in which it grows. A land where rivers flow gently through orchards of apple, plum and peaches, and where men have died from thirst in the Valley of Death. A land of flower gardens vying with each other in beauty and colour only a few miles from arid deserts on which cacti raise their weird and spiny heads. A land where birds sing joyfully day-by-day unmindful of the hawk or eagle waiting to launch its fatal stroke. Where the cricket chirps merrily by the hearth and where the wasp wages deadly combat with the spider. A land of opportunity for some and abject failure for others. Yes, a land of contrasts, but to me it is still God’s Country – The Abode of Peace and Happiness.

For this I have to thank my brother, Henry. But for his munificent attention and thoughtfulness, I suppose I would still be living in old Ireland. May God bless him for all he has done for me and mine.

Elizabeth La Hiff Lambert

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About this record

Written by Elizabeth La Hiff Lambert

Published here 10 Sep 2022 and originally published 1979

Page 0107 of the Athenry History archive.

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