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Lady Wallscourt

Our nearest neighbours were the Redingtons and the Wallscourts, the latter’s castle was surrounded by beautiful woods, beyond which the sea emitted its ceaseless murmur day and night as it broke on the rock-bound shore. Ardfry Castle was a dark sombre-looking residence. In fact, it was so dreary during the autumn and winter months that the family always left it to spend the festive season in London. No one could blame, them for all the rooms of the castle were painted, or rather panelled, with dark oak which made it look like a resting place for the dead.

Lord Wallscourt was married to a very lovely English girl who was one of the Stanhope family. She was very devoted to her husband, a man who was entirely unworthy of her affection. Being quite a character, he did such horridly peculiar things that Lady Wallscourt had a very trying time with him. One cold frosty night about midnight, I think, he insisted on her getting out of bed and, clad only in a wrap, going out for a row with him. He took the boat over to a little island about a mile away and left his wife there.

She was terrified as she knew no one would ever think of finding her there, and she could have been frozen to death. But when, to her surprise, she noticed another craft making for the island, she almost fainted for joy. As luck would have it, her land agent was also out and saw what was happening to her and felt uneasy about it “because everybody knew that her husband was a little peculiar at times. So, when he saw his lordship returning alone, he got a boat and set out to find her. He brought her to shore and drove her to the family doctor’s residence, where she stayed for the remainder of the night. When it became known who had rescued her, the eccentric husband promptly dismissed the agent from his employ. Jack Keaven was his name and his brother, Myles, then became agent and managed the estate for years.

The Redingtons of Clarinbridge by Joe Murphy

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About this record

Written by Elizabeth La Hiff Lambert

Published here 08 Sep 2022 and originally published 1979

Page 0098 of the Athenry History archive.

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