Mystery – Spring 2004

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It creeps around the kitchen

Break ornaments in the hall,

Messes every bed

And leaves footprints on the wall

(Very muddy ones)


It laps up all the milk

That’s left out for the cat.

And its mark to show its there

is a real, dead rat.’

(I don’t know where he got it)


It’s too big to be a cat.

Too small to be a dog.

It’s something that catches rats,

And it’s definitely not a frog.

(Or is it?)


Mrs. Potts has seen it running

Through the back yard.

Mr. Miller heard it break something,

So, he called a guard.

(Or so he says)


Mrs. Brown says she saw it,

But it was covered in spaghetti.

When the people asked her what she saw

She says it was a Yeti.

(What a ridiculous thought)


Some say it lives under water.

Some say it lives on land.

Mrs. Bingley says she saw it in her pool.

She has one because her house is so grand.

(I don ‘t believe her)


But I l know what it is.

1t’s pink, purple and blue.

ls it a baby dinosaur?

Hey! Who told you?

– –

About this record

Written by Laura M. Higgins

Published here 21 Dec 2023 and originally published Spring 2004

– –