Newcastle Community Alert – December 1997

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Society has become much more sophisticated than it was in years gone by, but it also has become more complicated. ‘The core value of any society are its people and the appreciation for the  value of each person’s space in that society. Many people experience many different kinds of problems, older people feel more vulnerable and perhaps because they are less active, they experience a greater fear of crime. There is a need to care and Newcastle Community Alert Group have taken a big step in the right direction by acquiring a substantial grant under the scheme of Community Support for older people.

The grant is specifically for people over 65, living alone or in households made up exclusively of older people and other people who are dependent and vulnerable. This grant is intended for the provision of basic security equipment, such as window locks, door locks, door chains and security lighting. Presently every eligible person is being visited by local group members to identify their requirements and it is intended to have the security equipment installed by the end of December or very early in the new year.

This was the first time ever that this type of grant was made available and Bernard Kearney, Community Alert Development Officer, Muintir na Tíre informed a recent meeting that a more substantial grant will be available in 1998.

The people of Newcastle Community can be assured that every step will be taken in availing of every opportunity in the coming year for the betterment of all the people in our society. However it is important to bear in mind that it is recognised that one of the best means of crime prevention is a good neighbour. After isn’t it one of the oldest and greatest values given to us by our past generations. “Being a good neighbour”.

Perhaps it is a good thought for our New Year’s Resolutions?

Meanwhile a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas to everyone from Newcastle Community Alert Group. Core Group: Organiser- Florrie O’ Shea, Garda Liaison Officer – Kevin Devally and all the Members of Newcastle Community Council.

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Published here 16 Feb 2023 and originally published December 1997

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