Newcastle National School Green Flag 2004

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Our school and its environs are very important to us. Hence, we decided to join the green school programme.

We organized a very successful waste and litter programme and had an open day during which parents were invited to see how it works. ln February 2002 the school was awarded the European Green Flag and this was a tremendous achievement.

However, after two years every school must apply for renewal of the green flag. The litter and waste programmes were reviewed and were found to be working very successfully. Nesting boxes and feeders were monitored.

The school organized a very successful art completion which involved using only recycled materials. We devised a new slogan. Through the years we have planted a vegetable garden and a flower garden. This year we decided to plant a herb and edible flower garden. We had two clean up days.

Our efforts were not in vain. Our renewal application for another Green Flag was successful.

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About this record

Written by Emir Clancy

Published here 27 Dec 2023 and originally published Christmas 2004

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