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St. Oliver Plunkett National School, Newcastle — Sixth Class 2004 — 2005 Back row: Cathy Treacy (teacher), Damien McD0nagh, Niamh Grady, Laura Byrne, Bridie Scully, Laura Quinn, Séan Hardiman. Front row: Brian Molloy, Richard Ryan, Marie Jordan, Aoife Blake, Clodagh Cannon, Megan Gannon.

When you come into Newcastle National School there is a board with the following message. Achievements come in all shapes and sizes. Achievements are gained when we are determined not to give up, when we are determined to do our very best. This might win us a medal, a match or a certificate. We achieve when we are kinder to our friends or when we are more helpful at home. We achieve when we try to do well at school. Big or small, noticed or unnoticed, every achievement matters. Why not aim to achieve something good today?

There’s a lot of truth in these few sentences. The list below of many different achievements shows how very well the children are doing in so many ways.

We have put a lot of attention this year on the new Visual Arts Curriculum and ensured that the children are busy both as artists themselves and exposed to other’s creativity. We have participated in three theatrical events. The whole school loved ’Singing feet’, an interactive dance and music show that was part of the Barboro Children’s Festival. Third to sixth classes thoroughly enjoyed a performance called ‘Stuck in the Mud’, at The Town Hall Theatre, a show which highlighted the problems of bullying and what should be done to stop it.

The Mid-West Theatre’s play, ‘The King of Copenhagen’, performed at the school, entertained everyone. There was plenty of audience participation, comedy and wonderful music to enjoy.

Congratulations to the following Community Games Art winners: Niamh Hickey, Nathan Hansberry, Chelsea Kelly, Lee Kenny, Claudia Buckley and Fiona Gannon. All fantastic young artists.

Thirteen children made the First Holy Communion this year. It was a lovely Mass and many thanks to their teacher, Margaret Keane, Fr Ciaran Blake, organist Anne Marie Murphy and our own wonderful school choir.

For many years we have cultivated an organic garden. This year our focus has been on fruit and with the invaluable help of parent Tina Kessler, and our hard-working young gardeners, we are all looking forward to eating strawberries, rhubarb, blackcurrants and raspberries.

Many thanks to Monivea Rugby Club for providing Tag Rugby for fifth and sixth class. These classes also attended a Tag Rugby county event. Our school has participated in many local hurling and camogie matches and athletic events. Many thanks to Carmel Caulfield for all her organizing skills! Numerous children at Newcastle have won medals, and whilst there are too many to mention we would like to congratulate Sinead Tuohy who won a bronze medal at the All Ireland Athletics Championship.

Good luck to all the many of our children who will be going onto the Community Games County Final.

There have been a number of Science Outings for the older children of the school this year where they have learnt more about gasses and forces. We have also had special workshops on use of the Internet by children, using the computer facilities at the Children’s Discovery Museum. As part of the

Green School’s project the older children have all done water-based projects. ENFO, an environmental agency, has visited the school several times this year giving lectures and providing workshops on eco systems and global warming. Third and fourth class also enjoyed a guided nature tour by Coillte around Clarinbridge Woods.

The Cycle and Safety Skills School provided bicycle training for all the children and was tremendously popular. No more wobbles!

Congratulations also to all who represented the school at the St Patrick’s Day Parade. Our dressing up theme was children from around the world and our very multicultural groups were delighted to win the best school category.

We all enjoyed a fantastic fundraising event, courtesy of the amazing Jimmy Buckley and Band. Dancing the night away is certainly a great way to raise much needed funds for the school! Many thanks to all who attended, to all who gave donations and to the Parents Association for all their hard work. All much appreciated.

Finally, we’d all like to wish every success and happiness to the outgoing sixth class. We warmly welcome the new infants and their parents into our school community and look forward to all their many steps of progress. So many years of future achievements for us all to look forward to.

Catherine Magnier is the Resource Teacher in Oliver Plunket Primary School, Newcastle, Athenry

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Published here 09 Jan 2024 and originally published Summer 2005

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