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Finbarr O'Regan

Footpath Improvements

An extensive programme of improvements to the footpaths around the town has begun in recent months; this is a very welcome development in an area which has been neglected over the years. Pavement has been re-laid at Cross St, Bridge St, and from the Church towards the station which was a particularly poor stretch.

Further improvements will include a small area of pavement at the corner of the Old Good’s Store at the station which will allow pedestrians to approach the corner from the town side without the risk from traffic turning left from the Station Rd onto the level crossing. This will be particularly welcome for residents of Ard Aoibhinn and the Raheen Rd. who use the crossing on a daily basis. ‘

A footpath from the Goods Store to the old Railway Hotel (V.E.C. Headquarters) is also planned in the short term. These series of improvements will provide a footpath from the Tuam Rd to the town, a welcome alternative to going over the Tuam Rd. Railway Bridge.

l expect these improvements will continue in the coming year.

Traffic and Parking

Traffic and the lack of parking spaces is a major problem facing Athenry. The One- way System has made a big difference to traffic flow and some minor changes to the traffic management plan are being introduced at the moment.

The most important of these are:

1. Making McDonald’s Lane One Way with traffic going from Cross St. to Old Church St only.

2. Giving traffic on Court Lane “Right of Way” at the Arch which will help flow and ensure traffic coming under the Arch will have to yield thus making it safer for pedestrians and children at the schools.

3. The removal of the loading bay at the Post Office end of Court Lane which will allow traffic turning onto Court Lane from the Dublin Rd and Bridge St to flow more easily.

Parking is a major problem but hopefully a significant number of spaces will come on stream over the coming months.

The County Council is in negotiations with a number of parties regarding a couple of sites around the town and it’s expected that these will result in a major improvement in parking.

Public Lighting

Athenry has had a poor public lighting system for many years so it is good to see progress being made in it’s upgrading and extension in the coming weeks, 16 new lights will be added to the present number. This is a good start towards bringing the town lighting level to where it should be.

These lights are earmarked for the following areas:

Lights for each of the following: –

Cross St.,
Junction at the Boys School,
Tuam Road Junction at the Arch,
The Ard Aoibhinn entrance.

Further lights will be added in the coming years. I expect the Church car park to be lit in the coming year which would be a very welcome development especially for those using it on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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About this record

Written by Peter Feeney

Published here 23 Dec 2023 and originally published Christmas 2004

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