Northern Star – April 2996

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Oh Northern Star how unhappy you are

And how famous you’ve become

By the bomb, the hate and the gun.

As we stand here in shame

And debate who’s to blame

For the reasons we cannot walk free.

Is it the Brits? Is it the bombers?

Or could it simply be you and me.


With the time a passing we mourn our loss

Without stopping to regret or count the cost

Are we so blind as not to see

This land does not belong to you or me.

We all unite to honour the dead

And we join in whatever prayers are said

But do we have the right to ask God to forgive

If we won’t allow his people to live

It does not matter how they died

For it won’t lessen the tears we cried

All the violence and the pain

O Christ don’t let it be in vain!


They silenced the guns for one year or more

To allow us to heal this festering sore.

Sadly we missed this knock on our door

Our hands are stained with blood once more

Whatever the time or the mood of the day

When that sinister bomb blasted peace away

Wherever we were we all felt the shame

For we knew in our hearts we were partly to blame.

Oh Mighty King of all our land

Place a dove in Ulster’s hand

And shower your blessings from afar

On this Bloody Unhappy Northern Star.

– –

About this record

Written by Nancy Somers

Published here 03 Nov 2022 and originally published 1996

– –