Regional Water Supply extends to Athenry – 2001

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The overall scheme includes the following works: the trunk pipeline will extend from Carnmore reservoir to Castle Lambert and 7.9km of trunk mains of 350mm diameter gravitate to the proposed pumping station at Castle Lambert from Carnmore.

An in-line pumping station is constructed at Castle Lambert, Athenry from which water will be pumped through 5.9km of a 300mm diameter rising main to a new reservoir for Athenry town at Ballydavid. l5.3km of distribution pipe work, varying in size from 450mm diameter to 200mm diameter will convey water from Ballydavid reservoir to the town supply.

Distribution pipe-work, laid during this scheme, will encircle the town with a ring main capable of conveying fire flows to the town. To this end, part of the existing supply network through the town will be replaced. Distribution sub-networks will feed consumers, and will link into existing group scheme networks, west of Athenry. Provision will also be made for future connections to supply the eastern and southern environs of the town.

This project also included the crossing of the CIE Dublin-Galway, continuously welded, railway line at three locations using non-dig techniques. Coffey Construction have used two different methods to achieve this purpose i.e., pipe ramming and directional drilling through rock.

The Limerick to Tuam railway was crossed using traditional open-cut methods at two locations. Crossing under two CIE railway bridges was also achieved successfully at Derrydonnell and Ballydavid.

Coffey Construction will have all main pipelaying activities finished by mid-November. Cross connecting existing and proposed water mains and transferring service connections from redundant cast iron mains to the proposed mains will take place during the months of November and December.

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