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Report from I.R.D. Kiltimagh Ltd to all Community Members

We in Kiltimagh town and district can be justifiably proud of our achievements to date.

Our commitment to this community, whether through voluntary work or financial, input has meant that Kiltimagh has now become “Top of the League” in terms of Community Development.

The contribution from the community have led to the following small sample has among many other projects:

* The dramatic enhancement of the townscape.

* The provision of a Children’s Venture Park.

* The provision of the Sculpture Park and Museum.

* The refurbishment of the Enterprise Centre with many of the 30 people employed there being from the Kiltimagh area.

* The allocation of almost £1m of E.U. Leader Funds to the East Mayo Area.

At National and International level the Kiltimagh experience of “Self Help” is quoted by Government Departments, State Agencies, Universities and Financial Institutions as “the way to go” for small towns and communities seeking to address the problems of job creation, emigration and rural decline. And yet, we feel that the development of Kiltimagh is nowhere near being completed:

– we want more jobs for our young people.

– we want better conditions for our elderly relatives and friends.

– we want better roads and facilities.

– we want services and shops in the town.

And we are determined that we will get what we want. Working together we can do this. Each one of us must play our part for Kiltimagh now and in the future. This community needs your contribution by way of voluntary work and, above all, your financial support towards the development of projects in the town of Kiltimagh and its surrounding villages for the next 4 years.

I.R.D. Kiltimagh is asking each householder/wage earner to give £100 per year over the next 4 years. This amount is the equivalent of two lottery tickets per week. Surely this is a small price to pay and a good investment which will improve the quality of life for everyone living in Kiltimagh and District. Remember that your financial contribution is matched by public funds from the State Agencies as their investment and commitment to the development taking place in the Kiltimagh area. Remember, also, that fully paid-up members of I.R.D. Kiltimagh have the use of the facilities of the office at first cost and free consultation with all staff in relation to the development of any project, in respect of advice on the project itself, and advice on sources of financial assistance. Projects for future development include:

24 new houses.

School of Music.

School of Economic Development.

Further enhancement of the Townscape.

Development of Forestry and Rural Environmental Protection Scheme.

Community Information and Resource Centre.

Development of the local lakes and rivers – to promote Coarse Fishing.

Kiltimagh – The Bilingual Village – incorporating the use of Irish for everyday use.

Administration of Leader Funds.

Your money will make the difference. Your money will help create new jobs. Your contributions today will mean a future for your children in Kiltimagh.

Let’s do it together.


Kiltimagh 1990 – 1995 from a population of 2,000

32 new enterprises developed

303 new jobs resulting

51% increase in retail banking activity

59% increase in commercial banking

Rise in property prices of 15%

Revitalisation of town centre

Increase in tourist activity.

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About this record

Written by Brian Mooney

Published here 03 Nov 2022 and originally published 1996

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