Rosmuc – Summer 1998

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Sixteen 1st years from Athenry Vocational school attended the Rosmuc Irish course. The course lasted 3 weeks.

Conrad Byrnes was the master of the course. During the week 1st year girls had classes of Irish and crafts including shellwork and embroidery. The boys had classes of Irish and woodwork including making a coffee table, a fruit basket and they varnished bog oak. The boys played soccer and the girls played basketball.

On Saturdays we went on tours. We went to an aquarium, visit Clifden, Aran Islands, the beach and we also went to Peterborough Adventure Centre. There was mass on Sundays in Irish and on Tuesdays as well. The was a céilí every night except Saturdays. They were good crack and very enjoyable. They were on from 7-9 pm. Parents visited on Sundays.

Everyone was sad on the last day. The Irish concert on the final night was a great success. The night was started off with the 1st year choir, then there was a play warning against drugs, then 2nd year girls where singing and then dancing. Then came a brilliant solo pianist, and last came a brilliant band of 1st years and 2nd years which included violinists, guitarists.

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About this record

Written by Aisling Hynes

Published here 07 Mar 2023 and originally published Summer 1998

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