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Passive houses built in Norwich, UK 2020

In May 2001 Athenry Housing Co. Ltd. was granted approved status under Section 6 of the Housing Act, 1992 for the purposes of voluntary housing under the Department of Environment anal Local Government.

Voluntary housing bodies are not-for-profit organisations concerned with the relief of housing needs. The aim is to avail of financial assistance available to approved bodies involved in the provision of housing to meet special housing needs, such as those of the elderly, disabled, or homeless.

Accommodation provided under the Capital Assistance Scheme is now eligible for 95% funding. Site funding is also available towards the acquisition of land, site development, and other approved site costs. The company would like to hear from site owners, or developers who may be in a position to offer sites or part of their proposed developments within the town precincts with a view to availing of any site funding available.

The services of an architect have been engaged to draft up various designs of housing options for consideration. Members of the committee have visited such types of housing schemes in Mulranny, Claremorris, Brickens, Renmore and Clonberne.

Contacts have also been established with other groups at the planning stages. In January last members attended a one-day seminar organised by Galway Rural Development Company on social housing, networking and partnerships in Galway. The presentation covered many aspects of the topics, and the workshops addressed many important practical questions. The contributions and information shared was useful in giving direction to our future actions.

Currently, the company are having on-going discussions with the housing and planning section of Galway Co. Council regarding proposals on three possible sites within the town.

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact the company administrator at A.D.C. office, Athenry.

Paddy Lyons works for the Department of Agriculture, is a member of St. Vincent DePaul and is active in Social and Community Affairs in Athenry.

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Written by Paddy Lyons

Published here 17 Jul 2023 and originally published Summer 2002

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