Speak Out – May 1996

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The whole of creation including that which is not human is priceless and precious. Women and Men are fellow creatures of everything else in the cosms. We have no right to destroy, but we have duties to all. Many of the world’s religions have been preoccupied with human life, when they should have placed care for nature on their central agendas. How many church leaders have you heard preach about ecological sin?  A few of them are new slowly beginning to see our collective responsibility for this planet.

Now, that the environmental reckoning is upon us, what are the positive signs in our history? St Brendan of Clonfert, 575 AD, tells us how he befriended every creature, especially the sea birds. When Kevin of Glendalough, 618 AD, was tempted-to level some Wicklow hills for a monastery, he stopped himself by saying: “I have no wish that creatures of God should be moved because of me!”

When today’s developers say that they can enhance the environment, unfortunately, they usually mean that they want to level a few more green fields near the city of Galway. Oranmore is the present target, Athenry will follow. The Earth his a one-time endowment. We shall not get a second chance.

This article, is a reminder that we are the guests of this world.

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About this record

Written by Sr. Liam Cummins

Published here 19 Jan 2023 and originally published May 1997

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