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l’m just looking back on some of the activities the Cub Pack got up to during the summer ‘96. Normally the unit would wind down after Regional Camp and take a break from the year’s hectic programme but this year we stayed on with a small group of ‘die-hards’.

While on a wee hike, locally, we saw a deer grazing with some cows. Wonderful, but What’s the big deal says you? Well, I had just told the Pack that there was no chance of them seeing any wildlife because they were so noisy! Mother nature making me eat my own words. It was a real surprise though and set up the day nicely. We’ve managed to do a bit of trail craft too with some compass work, tracking signs, hide building and so on. We’ve even done a bit of tree hugging. You’d have to see it to believe it!

The Pack have discussed the different ways that people communicate by talking, writing, telephone, satellite etc. and we did some other work on this and learned some semaphore. We also made up some phones from string and cans. We’ve began playing games, of course, with names like Shipshore, Bubble-car, Snatch the Bacon, Broom-stick Hockey and there has been some wild fun playing them.

One of the highlights of the summer was our visitors from Germany. Firstly, four visitors from Bergheim and then members of the D.P.S.G. from Olpe. Both units, happy to have stayed in Athenry, were all surprised and delighted with the welcome they received from most of the town. Both units were touring the West, the scouts from Bergheim staying for two nights only. The scouts from Olpe were here for a fortnight and had really settled into our den as a home from home.

They commented that our den, St Mary’s Protestant Church, is pretty unique as a scout hall in Europe and were sad to hear that we are soon to lose it to the Heritage Company. The 19th has heard from Olpe and they have invited our unit to visit Germany whenever possible. They’re also looking for a taped recording of some of the Irish Scouting songs we attempted to teach them while they were here. We will be glad to oblige them.

Well, we’re not too happy to be leaving St. Mary’s Church at all but the unit does support the plan to locate the Heritage Centre in our den and is co-operating With the Heritage Committee, who is working hard to relocate us in a suitable premises. We know this will be at least as good as the old church with the capacity to cater for all our scouting activities.

We’ve done lots more this summer but it would take up a lot of this journal’s space so I’ll save it for next time.

The Cubs have started to keep a diary, writing accounts and drawing pictures of the things we get up to, so I think they can provide the next article.

Cubs meet on a Monday night in the Den between 6.45 – 8.00pm. sharp. We are loud and up to something. Boys and girls are welcome if they are eight years old and not older than eleven. Beavers, six to eight year olds, will be starting after Christmas. Scouts will start again in the New Year. There will be further notice of this.

We are looking for anyone who would be interested in getting involved with the Scouting Troop as a leader. We especially need a female leader. You need to be over eighteen, enjoy outdoor activities a lot and be able to get on well with old and young alike. You’ll need a lot of patience and a good sense of humour is essential. Training is provided by the C.B.S.I. but the enthusiasm has to come from you! If interested contact this leader any Monday night at the Den. I was only supposed to be helping the cubs with a St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float, that was five years ago and I’m still there.

Scouting takes up a lot of time at any level, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers or being a leader. It’s reward? Well, when one of the unit comes up to you, fit for nothing but a hot bath and warm bed after a day’s scouting and asks you what we’ll be doing next week it can be reward enough.

The Cubs Leader and Committee of St. Mary’s 19th Galway would like to wish one and all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Notice: Have you got a green/grey neckerchief as worn by the 19th.? If you no longer require it, would you be interested in donating it back to the unit by contact a leader or droping it into the Den any Monday night.

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Published here 15 Jan 2023

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