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There is a long history of Caulfields attending Carnaun National School, beginning with the family of John Caulfield and Ellen Grealish.

John Caulfield, who originated from Cregmore, married Ellen Grealish of Carnmore and they bought a farm in Moorpark. They had seven children, all of whom attended Carnaun School. They were: Mary Kate, Maggie, Julia, Ellen and Delia (twins), Sadie and Martin John.

Mary Kate married John Maher. They had three children and lived in Monivea until she died in 1983.

Maggie married Patrick Cummins. She had two girls and continues to live in Derrydonnell.

Julia married Jack Kelly and they resided in Castle Lambert. Julia had nine children some of whom went to Carnaun School. She died in 1983.

Delia was a twin of Ellen. She joined the Franciscan Order of Nuns in England when she was nineteen, and died in 1980.

Ellen was a twin of Delia. Her death occurred when she was just nineteen and about to join the Franciscans also.

Sadie married Danny O’Shea and lived in London. She had three children, and died only last year.

Martin John married Julia O’Dea. They both still reside in Moorpark.

They have five boys and a girl all of whom attended Carnaun School.

They are John who is married and now lives in Cork, with four children. Dermot, who continues to live in Moorpark, married and has five children, all of whom attended Carnaun School. Regina and Emmet are now going to the Presentation College in Athenry. John and the twins, Ellen and Aoife, are attending Carnaun School. Ellen married and lives in Spiddal with her husband and eight girls. Peter has one son, Derek, who went to Carnaun also. Mattie Joe is married in London with three children.

Michael lives in Carnmore with his wife and two boys.

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Written by Regina Caulfield

Published here 05 Feb 2021

Page 147 of the The Carnaun Centenary Book archive.

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