The Down Survey: Change of Ownership

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Extract from The Book of Survey and Distribution showing the transfer of land in the Athenry Area during the Cromwellian Plantation.

To enforce the Cromwellian Plantation detailed maps of the countryside were needed. Sir William Petty, a doctor in the Cromwell’s army led a team of soldiers in surveying the entire country. This is called the “Down Survey” because the surveyors wrote “down” all the details of the landscape.

Guide to the Survey:

Left side (Survey)

1. Number of the plot. 2 Name of owners 1641. 3. Denominations. 4. Number of unprofitable acres. 5. Number of profitable acres

Right side (Distribution)

6. Number of profitable acres disposed of (transferred). 7. Persons to whom the land was transferred with markings indicating the instrument of the title.

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About this record

Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 08 Feb 2021 and originally published 1999

Page 038 of the The Lamberts of Athenry Book archive.

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