The Joy of meeting a really Living Christian Community – 2002

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Dear Father King and Parishioners, greet you all from Switzerland and wish you the peace of Jesus Christ. I would like to give you my impression of my short stay in your parish.

Your community is really alive. My stay in Athenry was not very long, but a time of discovery for me. l come from a part of Africa, the Democratic Rep. Of Congo, where the Catholic faith is very alive. l was Parish Priest of the Cathedral of Goma, a parish with over 90,000 Christians. There are 6 Masses every Sunday with a congregation of about 150O to 2000 at each Mass.

Having spent 3 years now in Europe, two in Germany, 1 in Switzerland, I found it a very difficult experience to see the church in such a state of coldness. This was a shock for me at the beginning.

Your Community has given me much joy and hope. l had the impression of falling on to a green catholic island!

There are certainly other islands of catholic faith in the world, however with you I saw, l felt and l lived a Church who prays, who adores and who confesses its faith. The lovely procession on the 15th August to Lady’s Well was wonderful, as was the Mass in the cemetery. I was touched, and I enjoyed it. I pray for you, but I also need your prayers.

Remain firm in faith and in hope.

May God continue to bless you all, your families and your parish.


Fr. Innocent is a friend of Ruth Pocall and family Dun Ri, Athenry

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About this record

Written by Fr. Innocent Nyirindekwe

Published here 17 Jul 2023 and originally published Summer 2002

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