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Walter Lambert of Creg Clare – married (secondly) Miss Sibella Martin and had

John Lambert of Milford.
Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen.
Thomas Lambert.
Belinda – married Francis Butler of Cregg.
‘Unnamed’ girl – married Mr Morgan of Monksfield.
Thomas Lambert – married E. (Elizabeth?) the daughter of Mr Wood of Chapell Field, Co. Sligo and had

Margaret – married Mr Boate of Waterford.
Anne – married Henry Lambert of Aggard.
Walter (1)

1. Walter Lambert of Castle Lambert, Co. Galway, married 1791 Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of Burton Persse of Persse Lodge (Moyode Castle), Co. Galway and died 16th December 1824 leaving

Sarah – married, 1816, Charles Barry Bingham (afterwards Baron
Clan-Morris), and later 29.05.1830 Edward S. Hickman.
Walter (2)
Elizabeth – christened 25.09.1800, married Matthew St. George of Kilcolgan Castle, Co. Galway.
John Lambert – christened 25.09.1800 (twin?), married about 1806-08, Jane, daughter of Lieut-Col. John Peyton and Mary Ann Reynolds of Laheen, Co.Leitrim.
William Parsons – christened 01.03.1801, died young.
Charles Lambert – christened 10.03.1805, settled in America, married Harriet Amelia Keese.
Robert Lambert – christened 16.09.1806, settled in America, married
M. Keese in New York.
Richard Lambert of Lyston Hall born 07.04.1807, formerly surgeon in the R.A. – married 27.06.1828 Elizabeth Charlotte Louisa, eldest daughter and heir of John Campbell of Lyston Hall, Accountant General of the Court of Chancery and died 25.01.1878.
Anna Maria – born between 1802/09 and died after 1870 in New York, married Richard Rathborne in 1825  (as his second wife).

2. Walter Lambert of Castle Lambert, J.P, D.L, and High Sheriff 1828 born 10.9.1795: married 21.10.1817, Ann, eldest daughter of Col. Giles Eyre, of Eyre Court Castle and died 9.8.1867 leaving

Annie Sophia – married John Edmond O’Moore of Cloghan Castle, King’s County

Thomas Eyre Lambert (3)
Giles Eyre Lambert – married twice.
Walter Lambert – born 25.11.1825, married Sarah Ann Murrell in America.
Richard Eyre Lambert – born14.07.1827, married 06.12.1870 Jean Mary, daughter of James Fraser, Achnagairn,Co. Inverness and died 06.06.1898.
Anchoretta Maria – born14.02.1829, married P. Savage of Finglass.
Ada – born after1829, married 1855 William Henry eldest son of Dr. Price of Dublin.

3. Thomas Eyre Lambert of Castle Lambert, Co. Galway, J.P. late Captain 38th Regiment, born 25.4.1820; married 19.8.1850 to Sarah 3rd daughter of John William Trousdell of Fort House, Kilrush, Co. Clare and Sarah (Sally) daughter of William B. Persse (no children!).

Giles Eyre Lambert of Moor Park, Co Galway, married firstly 01.05.1850 Mary Jane, only child of Francis Rea, of Richview, Sandymount, Co. Dublin and had by her –

Ada – married 14.03.1876, William Fetherstonhaugh Lambert of Ballyglunin(her third cousin once removed).
Mary Anne – born 1851.
Frances Rea – born 1854.
Walter – born 1855.
Giles John Eyre – born 1859.
Edward Parsons – born 1862.
Giles Eyre Lambert married secondly Annie, daughter of Major General Thomas Moore and widow of Captain Henry Edward Hall.

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