The New Community Project of the Brothers of Charity in Athenry

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The Brothers of Charity are located in Co. Galway since 1953. They actively promote services in which people with an intellectual disability have the right to live and Work in an environment and atmosphere that maximises their progress towards independence and integration into the community. There are five community-based projects at present.

In Athenry we have started with a new community development. This includes a day centre in the IDA Industrial Estate, which is under construction at present, and we hope to open the centre sometime next year. Two new houses in the Rockmore area, which are at planning stage, will give a home to 10 people and will be opening in the year 2003.

It is important that people with an intellectual disability have the opportunity to be part of a community, to form relationships, to have choices and be respected. We hope to be a valuable addition and to make our contribution to the community by developing relationships with the local community, by being part of the workforce at the IDA and by creating jobs for people in the Athenry area.

For more information, please contact Ms. Helga Klein, Manager of the Athenry Project

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About this record

Written by Kelga Klein, Project Manager

Published here 10 Jul 2023

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