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The No Name Club - December 1997


The No Name Club is a voluntary youth organisation which was founded in 1978 by Eamon Doyle, Eddie Kaher and Fr. Willie Murphy and has many clubs throughout the country.

The organisation was founded to provide an alternative to the pub culture for the young people of Ireland. It seeks to demonstrate a lifestyle in which the use of alcohol is seen to be unnecessary for the enjoyment of a good, happy, cheerful social occasions for young people.

Members of No Name Clubs learn through their experience in the clubs that they can make friends, enjoy social outings and have great fun in a warm friendly and healthy atmosphere without the use of alcohol.

The No Name Club consists of:

a) a group of adults who form the Committee

b) a core group of boys and girls who act as Hosts and Hostesses

c) other young people who avail of the services of the club.

These services are organised and provided for them by the committee and the Hosts and Hostesses working together. These services consist of running discos, table quizzes, soccer tournaments etc.

Hosts and Hostesses are recruited locally. They have a major role to play in the services which the club provides for the young people in the local community.

The No Name Club - December 1997

They are helped to develop excellent leadership skills and qualities. They develop these skills and qualities during their term as Hosts and Hostesses through their participation in the training courses and through their participation in the running of the club. This is seen as an important preparation for their future life – as citizens with a valuable contribution to make to society. Hosts and Hostesses undergo training in personal development and training in their roles within the club.

The N0 Name Club is flourishing in Co. Galway with clubs in Portumna, Gort, Mountbellew, Tuam and more recently in Athenry.

The No Name Club - December 1997

The club was opened in Dobbyn & Coffey’s Function Room on 31 October 1997, and caters for young people from Junior Cert. onwards. There are 25 Hosts and Hostesses drawn from both the Presentation College and the Vocational School. It was officially opened by Mr. Michael Browne, National President of the No Name Club. The discos commence at 10.00 p.m. and end at 12.45 p.m. The admission fee is £2.50 for members and £3.50 for non-members.

Membership of £1 is available at the door

It is hoped that with the support and encouragement of parents and teachers, the No Name Club in Athenry will be a big success.

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Written by Edel Quinn

Published here 16 Feb 2023 and originally published December 1997

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