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The Parish of Athenry in 1641


Five of the Tribes of Galway – Kirwin, Darey, French, Browne and Blake owned land in 1641 in the parish of Athenry according to a map drawn by Sir William Petty in 1685. The Burkes, one of the most important and most numerous Hiberno-Norman families, Earls, and later Marquesses of Clanricarde, were also ensconced there. From the Galway ‘Book of Survey and Distribution, 1636-1703’ it is sometimes difficult to know if disaffection or religion was the cause of their losing, or being granted land, as the case might be. Indeed titled people, the Earl of St. Albans and Lord Clanmaurice, were numbered among the forfeiters. However in the more detailed maps of Athenry and its hinterland many landowners were listed as ‘Irish Papists’.

The Earl of St Albans lost land at Crequile, Poletulan  (Poletulla on map), Lisnekerkie (Lios na Circe, The ring-fort of the hen), Knockmore, Killarrow, Garranebrannoge, Glasshegannie, Carrowkeale (Ceathrú Chaol, narrow quarter), Knockerdally, Ferlie. Lisnegaple (the ring-fort of the horses), Bracklonebeg, Lisquill and Ballyworrie.

Among Lord Clanmaurice’s losses were acres at Bruskagh (Briskagh), Abbott (at the very top of the map), Carrowmore, Derrinathall (probably Doire an tSeagail, the oak grove of the rye), Granard, Knockanecarra (Cnocán Carra), Curfarine, and Karroliskoyle. Losers among the natives were Donnogh O’ Dalye at Carrowkillew and Turoe; Donnell Mc Swinie at Kiltullagh (called Garreduffe) and Killeskreagh; Teige O’Kelly at Graige, Carrowmore, Knockanecarra and Lissnisky, and William Oge Dolphin Esq. at Turoe.  Dolphin, a family of Norse origin came to Connaught from England, settling in Galway, becoming completely hibernicised.

The vast majority of the confiscated land went to the Earl of Clanrickarde, but also to Lord Trimblestowne, the Duke of Ormond and Nicholas Browne, with the Daleys, Darceys, Kellys, Morrisses and Rochfords also benefiting.

In the nearer Athenry area Thomas Smith, Edward Oge O’Heher, Richard Martin, Countess Mountrath, John Shea, Richard Davock and Tibbot Oge mc Cooge shared the forfeited land of the McAnocks – Richard, Hubert, Tybot and James, at Derrydonnell.

Richard Blake and Robuck Linch lost lands at Aghrim (Castle Lambert) to Thomas Newcomen and Peter Blake. Andrew Browne fitz Oliver forfeited his land in Ballydavid to James Daley, Thomas Bourke and John Whaley. Teige O’Kelly lost Graige to Mathew Ffrench and the Duke of Ormond. Crumlin, belonging to Richard Bourke, went to Nicholas Blake, Mathew Ffrench and Nicholas Browne. Oliver Browne got Coolarn from Andrew Kirwain, Richard Mc Hubert and Ulick Reogh Bourk. Cleabrowne listed as belonging to the Heirs of Martin Browne and Ullardbeg and Farwin belonging to Jasper French went to Oliver Browne. (Much of this area now known as Mount Browne and Belleville was later to become the property of the Lamberts and Mahons respectively.)

Walter Browne and his kin lost Teamplegall to Thomas Smith and John Shea. Dominick Browne took Rathinorisin (Rathmorrisey) from Walter Browne and James Bodkin fitz Arthur. Farkill (Coldwood) changed ownership from Hubert Mc Walter Browne to Countess Mountrath. Edward Browne’s Lisdoran was taken over by Samuel ffoxon who also got Clunavadoge and Cappogmkoole from Thomas Bodkin.

The area engraved like a lake on the top left-hand corner of the map is marked ‘tirlogh’ (corresponds to Turloughmore). It would appear that it was flooded when the area was surveyed.

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Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 08 Feb 2021

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