The Renew Tree – August 1996

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The roots are buried deeply

symbolising our past

anchoring strongly

the faith of today.

They are twisted by hunger

and shaped by despair

yet each generation is richer

because of their pain.

After years of denial

on the bare mass rock

their faith kept hidden

when persecution was rife.

Still grew the tree stronger

its roots searching on

seeking for moisture

in the words of Our Lord.


The trunk channels goodness

to feed the bare wood.

Never lying empty

but changed with rebirth.

On a bare barren hill

Our calvary made

stripped of its clothing

lying naked and still.

All through the cold winter

awaiting the day

when full of new splendour

green shoots will appear.


The wells run deep

nourishing the tree

Bringing it life

through years of unrest.

When Athenry lay crippled

limping in pain

the well surged up

and bathed its sores

The face of Our Lady

appeared in the mist

giving courage to those

who kneel at her feet.


Thus sank the roots deeper

in faith and in prayer

till the wounds disappeared

and the tree grew again.

Thus, leading to us the newest of buds

tentatively opening, unsure of our task.

Doubt not your great talent

or will to succeed

for in the last days of Autumn

We will be renewed.

– –

About this record

Written by Collette Morrissey

Published here 14 Nov 2022 and originally published 1996

– –