The Shrine of Saint Patrick’s Tooth

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 The Shrine of Saint Patrick's Tooth

Inscription Reads
caused me to be ornamented in the origional portion’
(Thomas de Bermingham, Lord of Athenry,
caused me to be ornamented in the original portion)

 The Shrine of Saint Patrick's Tooth

Thomas de Bermingham (Bramighen), Lord (Baron) of Athenry, died 1376.

The Baron of Athenry was the premier baron in Ireland.

The Shrine St Patrick’s Tooth (the Fiacal Phadraig, now in the National Museum of Ireland) was made in 1376 for Thomas de Birmingham, Lord of Athenry, who owned the lands of Killaspugbrone, near Sligo,  and this shrine reputedly held a tooth of St Patrick which fell out onto a flagstone here. The local bishop, Bronus, after whom the church was named,  retained the tooth and founded the church on the spot.

Killaspugbrone: Kill, a church; aspug, a bishop, brone, Bronus

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Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 05 Feb 2021 and originally published 2012

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