The Well

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The Well – by Artist John Langan. The concept involves the creation of an artwork which functions in much the same way as a well-spring might have in the past: a place where people went to collect water, which acted as a meeting point, a social place to gather and chat.  The understated design concept and materials were influenced by the proximity to the Arch or North Gate and Castle, notions of springs, fountains, waterwheels and repositories, the play of light on water, Tibetan prayer wheels and the history of Athenry.

In the making of this monument John, an excellent teacher, involved students from local schools to work with him much to their delight!

The children called the project “A Monument to Small things”

At the design stage in Carnaun School

Some of the small things

small everyday things

John has lectured at GMIT since 2001. He is a graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design. In 2007 he completed a research based MA in Art Education. Through his work he advocates the concept of an engaged practice which expands the creative processes of art making. Since 1995 he has exhibited and created projects and artworks that often involve activities of a social or contextual nature.

John Langan, Artist

Galway County Council -"Athenry - The Well"

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About this record

Written by Finbarr O'Regan

Published here 21 Mar 2021 and originally published 2005

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