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"Turas" the Journey - August 1996


Hot on the tails of the likes of Galway’s’ “Macnas” and “Moceolas” are Athenry’s very own “TURAS”. The original idea began in l994 when volunteers took part in the Athenry Medieval Festival Parade as drummers organised by the Athenry Women’s Group Festival.

Declan Rynne, Sean Purcell, Aiden Archer and others provided the accompaniment of drums for the past two years until Sean Purcell decided to create “TURAS”. Sean says “The idea is for a new, young team of local people who are interested not only in drumming but in music, medieval crafts and other kinds of projects to be created not only during the summer but throughout the year”. With the kindness of the Athenry Women’s Group six new Medieval   Battle Drums were recently supplied to “TURAS” for this year’s festival, with hopefully more in the pipeline.

An extra team of captains, Nicola McGhee, Aoife Barrett, Jacinta Jennings, Paula Flannery, Breda Ward and Debbie Hynes, all from Cullairbaun have worked extremely hard and are now part of the “TURAS” team. We are hoping that “TURAS” in the future will create new projects for later in the year, such as on the “Eve of All Hallows”, planned the Bank Holiday, Monday 28th of October with music in the square, “TURAS” Mummers and Wran Witches, sausages, baked potatoes, etc. and “Turas May Day Parade” on Monday 5th May 1997) with May-Pole, events and a May Queen. “These are just ideas at the moment” says Sean, “but I am hoping that we will create more Medieval, Traditional and Cultural events that may become part of Athenry’s heritage status”. Anyone aged 14 and over wishing to take part in any event, volunteers, musicians, drummers, dancers, etc.; send your name, address, phone no., age, and any other information to: “TURAS”, Sean Purcell, Ballygurraun, Athenry, Co. Galway.

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Published here 07 Nov 2022 and originally published 1996

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