Western Alzheimer’s Foundation – May 1997

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The Western Alzheimer’s Foundation is opening a Day Care Centre for Alzheimer Patients and their carers in Galway on May 12th. at St. Mary’s Hall, 74, Tirellan Heights, Headford Road. They are determined to continue to implement and provide care facilities for Alzheimer Patients and their Carers.

Alzheimer Disease is a major scourge and we believe that our society and community should strive to provide funding and help for persons with permanent disabilities without any hope for cure. We have to think of people in need, not economics and assure them that there is a place for everyone.

Alzheimer Disease is a phenomenon associated with ageing. The normal age for the onset of it is 65 years, but it is not reserved for old age and often strikes younger people. It causes significant changes in family life. Caregiving can make recreation, house-keeping, even employment difficult or impossible to maintain. The Day Care Centre will enable carers and their families to enjoy a day’s shopping, visiting or just resting. The Centre will provide recreational and social activities and lunch, as well as giving the Alzheimer Patient a day out.

Capital Tea Day. To help to fund the Day Care Centre we are holding a Tea Day on Friday 30th May, and need people to organise one in their area. Capital Tea have donated generous sponsorship for Tea Day, and those who hold Tea Day will receive a sample of Quality Capital Tea. Please contact this office or Eileen Kelly at the Galway Helpline office.

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Written by Marion Coen

Published here 13 Feb 2023 and originally published May 1997

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