Walter Lambert of Creg Clare married, secondly, Miss Sibella Martin and had

John Lambert of Milford – ancestor of the Aggard and Kilquaine branch.

Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen.

Thomas Lambert – ancestor of Castle Lambert branch.

1. Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen, Co. Galway married Miss Carroll of

Ardagh. He died 17.01.1836 and had

Walter Peter (2)

Sabina – married Thomas Mahon of Belleville, Co. Galway

2. Walter Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen married Miss Tubbs and had

Peter (3)

Charles – born after 1786, married Elizabeth Mahon of Northampton


Walter – born circa 1793, marital status unknown.

Elizabeth – born 1798.

Ellen – born 1805 (died young).

Eliza – born 1806.

Elenora – born 1807/8.

3. Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen – born 1785/86, married firstly in 1810

Ellen (died 20.11.1828) eldest daughter of Thomas Seymour of Ballymore

Castle and had issue.

Jane – born 1811/12, married William Mulville of Gort, Co. Galway.

Ellen – born 1813/14, married William Butler of Bunnahow, Co. Clare.

Charlotte – born 1815/ 16, married George Seymour of Clonfert, Co.


Walter Peter (4)

Maria – born 1818, married Henry McGrath.

Lavinia – born 1820, married Richard Hastings Firth.

Elizabeth – born 1822. married Thomas Dunne.

Isabella – born 1823, married Edward Henry Carson of Dublin.

Thomas Seymour Lambert – born 1825 (died unmarried 1882).

Margaret Matilda – born 1827 (died unmarried) ,

Peter Lambert – born 1828 (died unmarried).

1. Peter Lambert married secondly and died 17.1.1844 having

Ada Constance – married 26.05.1857 Sir George Moyers, who became

Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1881

Louisa Maria – married in April 1853 to Henry J. S. Bowdler.

4. Walter Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen -1816-1892, D.L. J.P., High

Sheriff 1859. On the 5.3.1848 he married Elizabeth only daughter of

William McO’Boy of Stump Hill, Co. Cork (who died 7.1.1903) and they had

Peter Fitzwalter Lambert (5)

William – born 29.12.1856, died July 1865.

Kate – married 1878 Capt. William W. Weston, 7th Dragoon Guards.

5. Peter Fitzwalter Lambert of Castle Ellen, Co. Galway (8.12.1848 –

24.2.1894) J.P., High Sheriff 1891 married 7.7.1887 Julia Mary daughter

of Col. Henry Alexander Hewetson of Auchnacloy, Co. Dublin (who died

27.05.1939) and they had

Walter Peter Lambert (6)

Henry Alexander Lambert – (1892.-1949) Commander, Royal Navy.

Served in World Wars 1 and 2. Married 12.12.1925 Alida, daughter of

Henry Dietof Ahrens of Klerksdorp. Died without issue 16.10.1946.

William Robert Lambert -born 29.07.1894 in Killiney, Co. Dublin, Capt.

Indian Army, served in World War I (wounded), retired in 1921 due to ill

health. Married Ethel Mary, daughter of James Herbert Hechle of

Calcutta, India. Died 06.06.1958.

Amelia Lizzie – born 04.06.1888. On Board of Management Y.W.C.A.

Civil Servant in Foreign Office. Married 01.06.1915 Richard Evelyn

Martin, late Lieut. Royal Munster Fusiliers, tea planter, 1907-15 and

Administrator of tea plantations 1919-59, Ceylon.

Mary Georgina – born 15.11.1889. O.B.E. (1957), J.P. Oxford City.

Married 01.07.1911, Sir John Sealy Edward Townsend, F.R.S., Doctor of

Science, second son of Prof. Edward Townsend of Galway.

6. Walter Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen and Clareville, Oughterard,

born 8.1.1891 Co. Galway. Lt. Col., M.C. (1918), late R.A., served in World War 1, with

the Connaught Rangers and on the staff. Served also in World War 11.

On 8.1.1913 married Gladys Mabell, daughter of Edmond

French Boys Russell, of Ardagh, Lismore, Co. Waterford and had:

Doreen Sylvia who Wasbom-7.l2.1914., M.B.E. 1946.

William Robert Lambert (7) -1894-1958 had in family:

Peter Henry (8) – born 15.02.1923, died 03.03.1989.

Beryl Mary – born 09.02.1929, married Derrick Land.

8. Peter Henry Lambert – married 06.05.1950 Zoe Desley Land (sister in

law), daughter of Aubrey Percival Land of Johannesburg, and had:

Stephen Walter

Gavin Peter

Alan Martin

Desley Anne

Alan Martin Lambert married Sandra Stiles, daughter of Trevor Stiles

and Elaine Van Der Linden of Knigersdorp, Guateng. Their family:

Duncan Garrett

Walter Lambert of Creg Clare – married (secondly) Miss Sibella Martin and had

John Lambert of Milford.
Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen.
Thomas Lambert.
Belinda – married Francis Butler of Cregg.
‘Unnamed’ girl – married Mr Morgan of Monksfield.
Thomas Lambert – married E. (Elizabeth?) the daughter of Mr Wood of Chapell Field, Co. Sligo and had

Margaret – married Mr Boate of Waterford.
Anne – married Henry Lambert of Aggard.
Walter (1)

1. Walter Lambert of Castle Lambert, Co. Galway, married 1791 Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of Burton Persse of Persse Lodge (Moyode Castle), Co. Galway and died 16th December 1824 leaving

Sarah – married, 1816, Charles Barry Bingham (afterwards Baron
Clan-Morris), and later 29.05.1830 Edward S. Hickman.
Walter (2)
Elizabeth – christened 25.09.1800, married Matthew St. George of Kilcolgan Castle, Co. Galway.
John Lambert – christened 25.09.1800 (twin?), married about 1806-08, Jane, daughter of Lieut-Col. John Peyton and Mary Ann Reynolds of Laheen, Co.Leitrim.
William Parsons – christened 01.03.1801, died young.
Charles Lambert – christened 10.03.1805, settled in America, married Harriet Amelia Keese.
Robert Lambert – christened 16.09.1806, settled in America, married
M. Keese in New York.
Richard Lambert of Lyston Hall born 07.04.1807, formerly surgeon in the R.A. – married 27.06.1828 Elizabeth Charlotte Louisa, eldest daughter and heir of John Campbell of Lyston Hall, Accountant General of the Court of Chancery and died 25.01.1878.
Anna Maria – born between 1802/09 and died after 1870 in New York, married Richard Rathborne in 1825  (as his second wife).

2. Walter Lambert of Castle Lambert, J.P, D.L, and High Sheriff 1828 born 10.9.1795: married 21.10.1817, Ann, eldest daughter of Col. Giles Eyre, of Eyre Court Castle and died 9.8.1867 leaving

Annie Sophia – married John Edmond O’Moore of Cloghan Castle, King’s County

Thomas Eyre Lambert (3)
Giles Eyre Lambert – married twice.
Walter Lambert – born 25.11.1825, married Sarah Ann Murrell in America.
Richard Eyre Lambert – born14.07.1827, married 06.12.1870 Jean Mary, daughter of James Fraser, Achnagairn,Co. Inverness and died 06.06.1898.
Anchoretta Maria – born14.02.1829, married P. Savage of Finglass.
Ada – born after1829, married 1855 William Henry eldest son of Dr. Price of Dublin.

3. Thomas Eyre Lambert of Castle Lambert, Co. Galway, J.P. late Captain 38th Regiment, born 25.4.1820; married 19.8.1850 to Sarah 3rd daughter of John William Trousdell of Fort House, Kilrush, Co. Clare and Sarah (Sally) daughter of William B. Persse (no children!).

Giles Eyre Lambert of Moor Park, Co Galway, married firstly 01.05.1850 Mary Jane, only child of Francis Rea, of Richview, Sandymount, Co. Dublin and had by her –

Ada – married 14.03.1876, William Fetherstonhaugh Lambert of Ballyglunin(her third cousin once removed).
Mary Anne – born 1851.
Frances Rea – born 1854.
Walter – born 1855.
Giles John Eyre – born 1859.
Edward Parsons – born 1862.
Giles Eyre Lambert married secondly Annie, daughter of Major General Thomas Moore and widow of Captain Henry Edward Hall.

Walter Lambert of Creg Clare married Miss Martin of Tullyra and had

John Lambert of Milford.
Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen.
Thomas Lambert.

John Lambert of Milford, Co. Galway, married Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Burke, Bart. of Glinsk and died 1787 leaving:
Walter of Kilquaine: born after 1750, died without children.
Henry of Aggard – born after 1750, married his first cousin Anne. (Daughter of Thomas Lambert and Elizabeth Wood.) Died 1820 and was succeeded by his nephew:
John Walter Henry (2)
Thomas of Milford
Jane – unmarried.
Eliza – unmarried.
Letitia – married John Fallon of Runnemead, Co. Roscommon.
A daughter – married Edmund Kelly of Scregg.

Thomas Lambert of Milford – born after 1750, married 5.9.1805 to Lydia, daughter of Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh, of Mosstown, Ballymore and died 1822 leaving
Mary Ann – married Major Cuthbert Barlow.
Lydia – married George Marshall.
Cecilia – married Colonel W. Nixon.
Charlotte – married Capt. Henry Marshall.
John Walter Henry (2)
Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh – unmarried.

2. John Walter Henry Lambert of Aggard, J.P. High Sheriff 1855 birth 5.10.1811 married 11.2.1833 Anne, only daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh, of Derrahiney, Co. Galway. She died 20.2.1859. He died 8.4.1899 having by her:

Thomas Walter of Aggard (3) b.1841.
John Henry – born 1844, of Redmount Hill, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway,
married Adelaide Dewe of Gloucestershire.
William Fetherstonhaugh (Lambert) – born 1852 of Donalstone House, Ballyglunin, married his 3rd,. cousin, Ada Lambert.
Anne Caroline – died unmarried 1911.
Charlotte – married Lieut.- Col. Cuthbert Barlow.
Emily Florence – married Charles Kelly of Westmeath.
Elizabeth Jane – married Thomas Barlow.
Marion Marcella – married Col. Charles William Brereton.
Adelaide – married Rev. Robert O’Callaghan of Hull.
Fanny – unmarried.
Alice – married John Lamprey of Hampshire.

3. Thomas Walter Lambert of Aggard and Kilquaine, Co. Galway, born 24.3.1841 married 31.5.1865, Elizabeth, 3rd. daughter of Christopher, St. George of Tyrone House. She died 3.12.1910. He died 11.3.1902 leaving:

Christopher Richard Thomas (4)
John Walter Henry Charles.
Cuthbert Harold, unmarried.
Harry William Reginald – married Lilly Scanlon of Bandon.
Olivia Bessy Josephine – married Walter Mortimer Dyas of Kells.
Charlotte Norah Barlow – married Major William Thomas Conway Poole.
Anne Marion – married William Astle Ryan of Wexford.
Adelaide St. George – married Robert Sparrow.
Guendoleyne Lizzie.
Ethel Beatrice – died young.
Beatrice Helena.

4. Christopher Richard Thomas Lambert of Aggard, J.P. born 29.10.1868,
emigrated to Australia.

John Walter Henry Charles, of Kilquaine, Craughwell, born 20.11.1871 married Mary, Daughter of Rev. John Foot. and had:

Cuthbert Harold – born 24.08.1876
Harry William Reginald – born 17.05.1878
Charlotte Norah
Anne Marion
Adelaide St. George
Guendoleyne Lizzie
Ethel Beatrice
Beatrice Helena.

This family claims descent from Josias Lambert, born 1554, father of Major General John Lambert, of Carlton, in Craven, Yorkshire

1. John Lambert

John Lambert, an officer in Lord Clanricardes Regiment in the Duke of Ormonde’s Army in Ireland 1645. Had a lease of Creg Clare from the Earl of Clanricarde in 1669.
John married firstly, 1649, Redish Lynch daughter of Thomas Lynch Mayor of Galway and had:
Mary – who married Robert French of Rahasane, Co. Galway.
Joseph – ancestor of the Mayo branch.
John married secondly in 23.6.1259, Mary French. leaving a son

2. Charles

Charles Lambert of Creg Clare, married Janet daughter of Walter Taylor, of Ballymacragh (later called Castle Taylor) and was killed at the siege of Derry, leaving

3. Walter

Walter Lambert of Creg Clare, Co. Galway, married Miss Hamilton (First Marriage), and had an only son:

4. Charles. (6)

Charles Lambert of Creg Clare, married Margaret daughter of Dominick Browne of Castle McGarrett, Co. Mayo, died 1785 and had:
Elizabeth – married John Burke of Tyaquin.
Catherine – married Mr Wilson of Belvoir, Co. Clare.
Ellis – married Joseph Donelan of Killagh, Co. Galway.
Mary – unmarried.

5. Walter (5)

Geoffrey – unmarried.
Walter Lambert of Creg Clare, married on the 2.3.1778 Honoria Dillon, of Clonbrock and sister of the first Lord Clonbrock. (First marriage). He married in 1784 Catharine, daughter and co-heir of James Staunton, of Waterdale (Second marriage). He died 21st of September 1822 leaving
Harriet – unmarried.
Maria Margaret – unmarried.
Emily – unmarried.
James Staunton (6) – born 1789
Thomas Dominick – born 1791, unmarried.
6. James Staunton Lambert of Creg Clare and Waterdale, M.P. for Galway from 1826-1833 J.P and D.L, High Sheriff 1814 born 5.3.1789; married 25.9.1832 to Hon. Camden Elizabeth MacSellen, only child of Camden Gray, last Lord of Kirkcudbright and died on the 1.7.1867 having by her (who died 1874).
Walter MacSellen – born 1833, unmarried.
Sarah Elizabeth – Married Charles Edward Lewis of Monmouth.
Harriet – married Somerset Molyneux Wiseman-Clarke, C.B.
Charles James – unmarried.
Katherine Isabella – born 1837, unmarried.
Thomas Camden of Waterdale – born 1841, married Rose Armstrong of Toronto.
Robert – born 1844, married Mary Ann Alice Newman of Bath. (Had seven children.)
James Henry – born 1851.

3. Walter Lambert of Cregclare (married Miss Martin of Tullyra (second marriage) and died 17.5.1770 having had:

John Lambert of Milford, ancestor of the Aggard and Kilquaine branch.
Peter Lambert of Castle Ellen.
Thomas Lambert, ancestor of Castle Lambert branch.

Note: This and the following family lines were originally sourced by Lorna O’Regan, in Burke’s Landed Gentry 1912. She also downloaded and recorded many of the Irish Lamberts from the internet – Andy Lambert’s web pages. Under the guidance of our  good friend and expert in these matters Peter Wood in New Zealand she then converted them to this easy to read format.

Feature Photo: Cregclare House, Ardrahan, Co. Galway