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€30,000 for Newcastle Centre.

The April meeting of Galway Co. Council approved a grant of €30,000 to Newcastle Community Centre. This is one of just 5 such grants awarded around the county and it is a tribute to the great work being done by Newcastle Community Council and the groups using the centre.

Athenry Walls Conservation Plan

For centuries the Town Walls have given an almost unique feel to Athenry. After many years of neglect by state agencies a new initiative has been started which will at least give direction to how the Walls are dealt with in the future.

This new move is the preparation of a Conservation Plan for the Walls and it’s a joint venture between Galway County Council, The Heritage Council and a local stakeholder partnership. A comprehensive brief has been prepared over a number of months by the three groups and now tenders have been invited from consultants to do the Plan itself.

On completion it is expected that the plan will detail the present condition of the Walls, threats to its future and a direction towards it conservation. There will then be a possibility of obtaining finance from Heritage sources to preserve and restore stretches of the Walls.

The Plan will form one of the key subjects for the Annual Conference of the Irish Walled Towns Network which will be held in Athenry in early 2008. Delegates from walled towns all over Ireland and from the European Walled Towns Network will visit Athenry for a 2 day conference on the subject. Athenry, along with Derry and Fethard, are considered the showcase walled towns in Ireland by the Heritage Council which bodes well for the future of Heritage issues in Athenry.

I am pleased to see Galway County Council taking a central role in plans for the future of the Walls and, hopefully, putting them at the centre of a unique amenity and attraction for Athenry in years to come. Major credit should also go to property owners along the length of the Walls, local Heritage and community groups, and Brid Higgins from Lisheenkyle and Marie Mannion, Heritage Officers for Galway Co. Co. for their co-operation and interest.

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Written by Peter Feeney

Published here 20 May 2024 and originally published June 2007

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