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Compliments of Good Food Ireland

The recent strike at Dunnes Stores meant that many shoppers were reintroduced to their local town supermarket to buy their weekly groceries. In the process, they discovered the many benefits to shopping local and many supermarkets gained up to 5% in extra business resulting in a mini boom to the local economy. There was also the feel-good factor. Shoppers who had previously subjected themselves to city traffic, the hunt for a parking space, trolley bashing, endless queues and disinterested sales assistants were pleasantly surprised to be greeted personally in their local shop. Queries were dealt with in a relaxed and friendly manner and there were offers of assistance to carry shopping to the customer’s cars or even deliver it free to their doors.

In recent years, local shops and supermarkets have become fast and efficient in an effort to survive in the competitive world of the larger chain stores such as Dunnes Stores, Quinsworth, Superquinn and Crazy Prices. Although these stores are essential in a busy city, the smaller town stores such as Centra, Super Value, Family Value, and local chains such as D.H.Burke or smaller grocery outlets, can now cater for all the grocery needs as well as offering fresh meats and fish, delicatessen and bakery services.

In addition, they also offer some very personal services such as weekly credit, home deliveries, saving schemes and special orders – services which the larger nationwide stores do not provide because their maxim is to get as many shoppers in and out of their stores as quickly as possible to maintain high profits. Yet there is little difference between the prices in major stores and the prices in local stores, because the local shopkeeper cannot afford to be priced out of the market.

When petrol, parking and time is taken into account, it often makes better economic sense to shop local. It is in everybody’s interest to boost the local economy. Spending locally means local job creation, a greater demand for all services, a greater demand for housing and a thriving local community. If Athenry is seriously interested in parish development, now is the time to act positively and contribute by shopping local and supporting local businesses, services and industry.

Your few pounds a week could make all the difference. And you’ll get service with a smile!

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About this record

Written by Ethna Archer

Published here 01 Nov 2022 and originally published 1995

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